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  1. karachiwali says:

    thanks a lot Safiullah
    il be getting back to you insha Allah by tomorrow 🙂

  2. karachiwali says:

    i thought id be able to get back to you by tomorrow but it was much quicker. the project itself is not so small and it can be broken down into smaller ones. there are actually quite a few second semester students who are willing to work on this. I am just worried that they’d be giving you a hard time. You obviously are very busy. Ofcourse, this would be their term project and it means that you would be more of a guide rather than a teacher who would spoon feed them but they would still need to meet you, talk to you once in a while. lemme know the exact number of students you would be willing to supervise and the time you would be able to meet them.
    Finally, thanks a lot once again. I mean who really cares to do something like this!

  3. Safiullah says:

    Lady, I m NOT being noble here. I also need to do this and it is a little grunt work for me. Plus a need more eyes to see my work, and students are better judges of work… plus junior students are eager and fun to work with, (if the are eager to learn.). I need to know a few things. How good are your students? and how much time do they have to turn in the project as I do have a time constraint, and that would also determine how much time do I have to spend with them. As far as your questions are concerned here goes…

    I can spare my weekends as they are pretty boring especially sundays. Plus if that is a hassle to any party they can email or IM me any time of the day.

    I don’t have any restraint on quantity, just quality, as this is serious work and requires not just computer skills but math and logic and most importantly common sense. lastly as I need to teach them a few things, I need people with good learning curve. I m a ‘jungli’ when it comes to things like this so I ll probably push them hard. So in short you decide the number to send me according to your knowledge of the students.

    Once again I m not being noble here at all… I m getting something out of this too. Amd even if I m, I m happy to oblige.

    Oh yes… one final thing… what resources do these students have at their disposal? Do they have access to good computers? empasis is on good which means fast ones probbably with a GPU (AGP or PCI-E). This I really need to know in order to design a good project work for them.

  4. zohair says:

    Sounds like a good plan. A couple of suggestions though.

    Firstly, if you’re making this a multi-platform deal, you might want to use OpenGL on both systems rather than use different APIs on Windows and Linux. Otherwise programmers would start pulling their collective hairs out of their scalps at the incompatibility of one set of code over another. It just isn’t practical to write code that does the exact same thing twice. Or, stick to one basic OS. Again, if you’re aiming for cross-platform, maybe sticking to one compiler would be helpful too. Different compilers sometimes produce wildly varying results, to the extent that I try to package the compiler with my source code for later use.

    Secondly you might want to take a look at Blender, which is an open source 3D modelling environment quite at par with commercial offerings, and I think it will make a more useful solution compared to K3D on Linux.

  5. karachiwali says:

    as for time constraint, i would be considering it to be their term project so they would have a good 8 weeks to complete their work. ofcourse we can start straight away or as soon as you want. the only glitch is that their midterms start from Nov 17 which means would have to spare them during that time period.
    there are actually now 7-8 students willing to work but yea all of them arent good enough. I would only want you to be working with the ones who are eager to learn which means the count would most probably be down to 2-3.

  6. Safiullah says:

    2 to 3 is a good number, but more will be ok as there is a lot of code to be written, some relatively dull student can take up some of the real grunt work. Ok, it is a done deal, I ll meet the students on friday, Hey You are at FAST right? which campus? the city or National Highway? As I m quite free on friday (apart from a doctor’s appointment) I could come on the university (city campus that is) but Highway is quite far away. Tell you what? ask your students and let me know.

    Man I thought the same thing. Use OpenGL on both platforms coupled with a windows variant of gcc or any other ANSI C compiler. But since this is a term project, it would mean that the students would be working on whatever environment they are comfortable in. And I doubt any first and second semewster kid could understand the DirectX, let alone Linux and OpenGL. Plus I have a lot of experience in DirectX and very little in OpenGL, I would be in a better position to teach DIrectX and not OpenGL. Although I prefer OpenGL and had the circumstances been different I would have chosen it.

  7. zohair says:

    That was exactly why I suggested you stick to one platform. By all means work on DirectX, I am not saying one is better than the other. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

  8. Safiullah says:

    Yeah… but I’d love to work on OpenGL and Linux…

    I m writing LKMs or rathers KLD (Kernel Dynamic Likners) for FreeBSD… it is way up there. Man I love my job!!!!

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