Multi Touch Interface

Ok, my research project is a huge upgrade to this. Watch and be amazed, there is one at my school in reality and it was developed by an undergraduate student (he took the idea from jefferet han’s cornerstone paper on multitouch) It is B E A U tiful!!!

Anyway my project if “Tangible Interface for the Visualization of Multidimenstional Data (using possible pressure sensitive multitouch surface(s)(?)). More on this later when I complete my initial research feasibility report.


14 Responses to Multi Touch Interface

  1. karachiwali says:

    looking forward to reading more about ur project 🙂

  2. SAWJ says:

    Cool man, like Microsoft Touch…

    You’ll be working alone or with someone?

  3. SAWJ says:

    I meant Microsoft Surface, don’t know how Touch jumped in. Sorry.

  4. safiullahhussaini says:

    Yeah Right, I thought you had a fiance who talks too much? Where did he go?
    And why would you want me to pick your brain on Human Computer Interaction, Machine Vision 32 bit Harvard Architecture RISCs? Now I really know why he talks so much!!!

  5. karachiwali says:

    arey he just calls for like 20-30 minutes, i have 23 and a half more hours every day. omg, it just occured to me…im definitely doing my phd now! YAY!! might need ur help with some stuff waise

  6. safiullahhussaini says:

    ??? Explain that please? You had suddenly decided to NOT do PhD first and then You suddenly undecided that?

    I thought you were applying to ANU as a Research Assistant.

  7. karachiwali says:

    dude im getting married to someone who lives in y should i go to aus? i can study in singapore and save the accommodation expenses. i never ‘un’-decided doing PhD, just a slight change in plan 🙂

  8. safiullahhussaini says:

    Khatoon ko ab baat sumajh main aaey hai! Main itne arse se cheekh raha tha tou no response just ‘hmmm, haaan’!!!!! Han bhai, mungni ke baad aisa he ho jaataa hai, wahan se chaabi aaey hogi!

    Start applying to NUS, NTU does not have a core Computer Science Departemnt per say, It is merged into the Computer Engineering Department. My advice, get a hold of a good supervisor first then apply. So which field do you want to do PhD in? Hey of course if you need any help, you know where to find me, that is if I m not deported by then!

  9. karachiwali says:

    chaabi? i havent talked to him about my phd plans! i dont know if i should be talking about all these plans abhi…in fact i dont talk to him too much

  10. safiullahhussaini says:

    I suggest you do start talking to him and let him know what you want from this relationship and get to know what he wants from it. Talk to him what are his plans for the future and let him about yours. Otherwise I think you know very well where you ll end up. The only problem with arranged thingies is that the two poeple could have vastly different point of views and that you dont know what you are getting. So get the dirty stuff out of the way first so that the both of you dont have any confusions.

    By the way, I think I did nt offically say this but Congrads and best wishes from me, pray that you two have a great life!

  11. karachiwali says:

    u congratualted me on text but anyway, thanks again 🙂
    does it make a difference? I am already engaged. i will compromise on most, if not all, of the things. i dont know how he would react if i tell him about my plans. If he has different plans, ill just drop mine. thats how it is and thats how it will be!

  12. Safiullah says:

    Yaar haad hoti hai!!! You were a feminist once! remember?!

    Well, The new generation “of men” are not antediluvean and rigid! Actually the women are! I had to ask mine a hundred times what she wanted to do leken ogal ke hi nahi deti thi, I hated her for that. What would I do, khaa thori jaaoon ga. Bohot howa to manna he karon ga! I bet that your fiance would also want to know what you want from your life together. You start opening up to him. Besides its just engagedment, if you fnd the guy incompatible, you can always break it off!!! Just kidding!

  13. karachiwali says:

    lol…i have no plans of doing that, atleast abhi tak. dont give me any wild ideas 😛 as for being feminist, i guess things change as soon as you are in a committed relationship.
    i dont know why but i dont think he will really like the idea of me starting with my phd right after shadi. i will tell him of course, but not until he wants to know. i mean he hasnt asked me anything like that yet.

  14. safiullahhussaini says:

    Give him time lady, once both of you warm up to each other he will want to know, at least I did, give it time and be very patient.

    Lady you turned my technical post into a chick forum! You really are the drama queen! Bur hey I dont mind, as long as my blog gets comments!

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