Accelerometer Data

After a lot of toil and time (or not), I finally got my data from the accelerometers, and it does nt look bad at all! (Maybe good even!). I can now proceed towards analysis and make a scheme out of these. But there is a catch that I see in the preliminary results, I may need a better ADC and a much much better processor than the itty bitty ATMega168 on an Arduino board that I m using currently.

I need to write a report and submit it within this week about my results. Results are pretty much as I expected, I learned that I definitely need to filter my signals, which means computational power, (Kalman Filter maybe?) and that I can give a good estimation of tilt with the current sensors. I have nt been able to see forces, and partly because of the ADC. Forces are very very short in duration and I need a faster sampling to get some good data. Maybe 10, 20 times better sampling rate would give me better results. This would mean new components and new components would in turn mean a learning curve. I m swamped with assignments so I ll be putting this off for a little later, or maybe just slow down my pace so I can compensate.


2 Responses to Accelerometer Data

  1. Mike says:

    Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

  2. Haha! Thanks man! And Welcome to the blog!

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