Today I finally completed my proof of concept!!! Woo hoo!!!!

I feel like somersaulting! Khair, let hold that for later. I completed my interface code, my visualization (rudimentary) code and viola! I got a primitive HMI (Human Machine Interface) Now I need to put in some filters and so the test it all over again! luck me!!! argh! So now I can take a break from my research project and focus on my coursework projects which are equally difficult and important if not more so, cuz my candidature is on the line! 

Like I said they should make slower clocks, fast elevators, buses and computers for Grad students, especially those who are doing research!!!


4 Responses to CConcept::off(){proof;}

  1. Leena S. says:

    Prayers with you!

  2. Yeah! Desperately need those in barrel loads!

  3. Senilius says:

    No time to blog, eh? Ye post tumharay daddy ne likhi thi? Jhootay!

  4. This post took like 2 minutes! I do need to recharge my batteries!

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