Dr Robert Goddard

I hate people, who do something unimpressive, yet are hailed for a nonexistent intelligence, intellect or courage. And history especially the one close to present has many such examples. Lately I have known such people amongst my acquintances, but that is besides the point.

I also hate people, when they riddicule a person of great intelligence , wisdom and vision. And this personality is one for whom I hate people for turning his life into a joke, yet he was not just a genius, but a visionary who I hail since I was a little boy! His name is Dr Robert Goddard.

For most of you this name would be unknown, but for me, it brings not just tears to my eyes, but fills my heart with praise and the drive to be like this great man, the father of rocketry and the dreamer of man on the moon! A dream for which he was not just turned into a folk joke, but (somewhat) banished from the community (the scientific community)

Today I write this in his honor, as if it were not for him, I would have lived a childhood with out a dream. 

His numerous accomplishments in no intended order are:

  • Liquid propelled rockets.
  • Inertial Navigation Systems.
  • Ion thrusters
  • Giving me and every other wide eye stupid dumbass kid the dream to go to the moon, the starts and beyond!

He has a Crater on the moon named after him, as well as a Space Flight Center. But during his lifetime, he was scorned upon till his death. A few beautiful qoutes by the great man himself are as follows:

  • “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.” (From his high school graduation oration, “On Taking Things for Granted”, June 1904)
  • “On the afternoon of October 19, 1899, I climbed a tall cherry tree and, armed with a saw which I still have, and a hatchet, started to trim the dead limbs from the cherry tree. It was one of the quiet, colorful afternoons of sheer beauty which we have in October in New England, and as I looked towards the fields at the east, I imagined how wonderful it would be to make some device which had even the possibility of ascending to Mars. I was a different boy when I descended the tree from when I ascended for existence at last seemed very purposive.” (Written later, in an autobiographical sketch)
  • “Every vision is a joke until the first man accomplishes it; once realized, it becomes commonplace.” (His response to The New York Times, 1920)



2 Responses to Dr Robert Goddard

  1. Leena S. says:

    there are certain people who give us a reason to dream, to aspire and to achieve something in life…people who must be cherished and celebrated 🙂

  2. Yeah… And you read this now??? Check the date lady!

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