Mathematics of choas



10 Responses to Mathematics of choas

  1. Dont tell me you watched this!!! I thought you did nt like stuff like this.

  2. AD says:

    sometimes i m swinging in between the pendulum and there all makes sense…

    the sad bit is, i dont stay there forever 🙂

  3. Well, as they say, too much unpredictability is predictable… but then there is this, that no complex system can really be predicted. As for anything making sense, it should be the happy bit. I wish nothing ever made sense and I was much more dumb and stupid than I m. It would take away all the responsibilities and the pains, and all that will be left would be happiness and joy.

  4. farooqk says:

    i thought you werent going to blog anymore?? 😀

  5. Not blogging just posting some stuff I already had stored as drafts.

  6. AD says:

    u aint gonna blog? why o why

  7. Why do you even care dear lady?! Well like I told purple the other day… the blog has lost its purpose, and there is no point of keeping something without a purpose.

    I dont know, I may start blogging again, heck I may post something which catches my eye now and then, but I would nt do so regularly.

  8. Thanks for dropping by

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