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Since I m turning a new leaf which compells me to not be a typical touchy feely blogger, but a straight shooting logical and pervasive thinker (who obviously cant think at all because of insufficient gray matter) who will only talk about serious shit from now on.

So getting around this serious shit is really really hard, and during the process of that coming down to it, I had an epiphany! There is no serious shit in this whole universe! That everything is only a matter of opinion, of what you think. Ok this is me trying very hard to sound deep and contemplative and all, but I do have a point here. Although we want to believe in absolutes, the problems is, there are nt any!

The black is only as black as you can see and white is as white as you can see. The is no good and evil, nor there is a true or false or right or wrong! What kind of screwed up universe is this??? So what is real and true in this universe? nothing? Well technically there is nt even a true nothing in this universe either if you think of all that dark matter and what not!

The only thing true is intent, and opinion and belief. Engineers think they can measure everything yet they believe in infinity. Is nt that hypocricy? Well actually its not the engineers that believe in infinity but the mathematicians, which in turn means physicists which in turn means engineers… but lets not get into the details here, shall we?

There is no infinity in this world, nothing, infinity is what you cant measure at a certain instant, the numbers between zero and one are nt infinite, they are as much as you can count at a particular instant. The infinite would be anything above what you cant count. Its all about perspective.

I know this guy and we believe in almost opposite things yet I m so intrigued by his way of thinking and his belief system. Sure there are certain things I completely deny, because I have seen the contrary with my own eyes, but there are many things he speaks of that I can not deny, in fact I almost always end up agreeing with him. Our discussions are  so much more fun than the ordinary ones! One thing that I have come to believe because of him is that, most of the ‘soft’ sciences that we have around us are complete bullshit! Any person with a bit of common sense would agree! Most of psychology and business sciences are based on flimsy and inaccurate supposedly ‘scientific’ methods. But it is not because of these excuse of a science that I disagree with them. It is because of the way they are designed every time to fulfill a short term purpose.

Each report, each case where these so called experts and researchers try to study a group of people has a very ulterior and short-sighted motive behind them that they portray the result according to that objective rather than look at the whole picture. My new found reverance for chaos theory as led me to believe that statistical models are the least reliable ones just because there is nt just sufficient data to construct a model.

Khair, what does any of this has to do with anything??? Well everything actually, that the only true thing amongst all the lies is intent and the belief behind the intent. If we can measure these two variables, we can find the only true thing behind an event no matter what the consequences and the data may reveal.

So what was my intent for creating this blog, well to tell the truth, first I was just bored and jealous. That these blogger people got all the attention. Then it suddenly turned into a socializing venture. I met a few very interesting people through it. Ones whose acquintances I cherish! But somehow all these purposes did nt really strike at that bulls eye. And as neither of these reason were fulfilling my principles, I decided to shut down this blog…. True there were other reasons as well. Then it struck me out of the blue, that I should channel the only true and fulfilling thing I know right now, which is my work.

So in short now, I ll concentrate on my work here, sure there will be some diversions here and there, as we all know I m no consistent fellow. But yes no cheesy stuff. I m done with it. From now on I m a rethless researcher and a mad inventor. And I ll keep blabbing about stupid stuff like visualization and sensors and what the fuck not!!!

Thanks for Reading!



12 Responses to Turn the page

  1. farooqk says:

    you injected the steroids straight into your head didntya?! tch tch

    and i agree, life is what you make it, nothing more, nothing less…

  2. Sumera says:

    You’re a touchy feely blogger?!

  3. Leena S. says:

    ummmmm…..u actually typed so much just to say that u would only talk about ur research on the blog from now on? 😛

  4. AD says:

    huh!! really?

  5. I like the new look! 😛

  6. Safiullah says:

    @Farooqk: Dude! That is the only way to take steroids!

    @Sumera: Dude! Long time no see! Soory aint been blogging much! As for me being touchy feely… lets just say I have been off the tracks for a while.

    @AD: Uhhhhhhhh! What’eva!

    @PD: Thanks for the approval… I ll let it be now that you approve of it!

  7. Senilius says:

    Absar was right. Tu sathya gaya hai!

  8. Absar says:

    Your first paragraph… when were you EVER touchy feely??

  9. @Absar: Lets just say that was my version of touchy feely.

    @SAWJ: Kia karoon, umr ka taqaza hai

  10. Senilius says:

    Absar: He did ‘touch’ a lot of pathans with his Basanti and made them ‘feel’, didn’t he? 😉

  11. jinkibachi says:

    oy, are you ok?..i just read on leena’s blog abt your accident…kuch toota tu nahin na?..

  12. I m A OK. Infact, I have come back to Singapore.

    Sorry for the late reply, I had a Dail up back home, third world and all.

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