The Accident

A Car hit a bike. Insaity insued. There!! I ve told the whole story! Happy?


13 Responses to The Accident

  1. jinkibachi says:

    Na chura sako gay daman. Na nazar bacha sako gay 😉

  2. Leena S. says:

    hehehehe….duniya ki taweel tareen kahani 😛

  3. AD says:

    wow. what ddepth!

  4. farooqk says:

    insane writing skills dude! gotta give you that! 😛

  5. @All: What can I say? I m a man of a few words.

  6. Senilius says:

    A few words and a lot of hits!

    Can never forget the meek, dara hua Safi, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  7. Senilius says:

    Hell lot of difference between “LICENSE NIKAAAAALLLLLL…” and “jee sir…”


  8. Dont confused tact with meekness. If I had nt dont the ‘sir’ thing, we both would have had some ‘drawing room’ treatment.

  9. Absar says:

    LOL @ SAWJ!!! 😛
    MAN!! That LICENSE NIKAAALL thing was insane!! 😛 Hahahahah! Man I can’t stop laughing! 😛

  10. Senilius says:

    Tact, my ass! Hahahahahahaha!

  11. Yeah, Tact is up your ass…

  12. Senilius says:

    It was up yours that day…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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