Any ideas?

I have been teaching the labs for this course called “Introduction to Scientific Programming” and since I have a big mouth and a can-do attitude (which alwasys gets me into trouble) I have been assigned to come up with a Mathematical problem that

1) can be solved with a computer,

2) Can be visualized using a simple ploting tool like gnuplot,

3) is interesting and finally

4) is not that complex to solve that the students cant do it at all.

Any ideas?


8 Responses to Any ideas?

  1. farooqk says:

    1 + 1 = ?

    In case you dont know the answer, its 2. Jao, ayyashee karo! 😛

  2. zohair says:

    Google for linear programming. Its not really “programming” in the computer sense, but you’ll get the idea.

  3. @Zohair: Yrah I had Linear programming in mind, it may get a bit complex. But it is still in the works, I just told the prof. Thanks… Any other bright ideas? Keep em coming!

    @farooqk: Great! But I think it might be too complex for mathematicians (Thats who I m teaching BTW). Any more bright ideas?

  4. farooqk says:

    oh yes, heres another one:

    if chana costs rs.32 per kilo during ramadan, what percentage of practicing men are expected to fart during taraweeh?

  5. Leena S. says:

    yea, quadratic and linear programming! planning to use matlab?

  6. C/C++, thats what I m teaching, But I was thinking of using Matrices, and show the students how they are used in 3D.

  7. AD says:

    this is ur chance to prove ur worth!

    EUREKA! 😉

  8. The problem is, if I did end up proving my worth, I would be worth nothing!

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