Today I learned that I have been rejected for a scholarship that I was so hopeful of getting. When I got the news, as always, I felt like I was thrown in a pile of shit. I felt miserable, with low self esteem and a possible inferiority complex… for about 5 seconds.

Things like this got to me really badly a few years back, especially when I got one of the bggest rejections of my life. Khair thats a different story for another time. Now I m kinda bummed that nothing gets to me, no rejection seems new or sad, just damned boring! And I hate boring!

Ah well, now I have to look for other ways to fund my masters, cuz the bulk of my funding (read sponsorship by my dear old dad) has been reverted to other projects (Read my younger brothers undergrad tuition at LUMS). And I aint got the heart to ask him for the dough. And even though I can pretty much pay my fees by what I get from my TA thing, I wont be able to sustain myself on it as it pays lump sum at the end of the semester.

So khair, same old story, different objective now.


6 Responses to Rejection++

  1. farooqk says:

    student loan? stripper job? 😛

  2. Damned the recession, and damn Singapore, no strip clubs here!

  3. Hira S. says:

    so? customise a bit. aren’t there any lonely old aunties around?

  4. Leena S. says:

    the 5 seconds are over so i am sure its not even boring any more…waise i kinda like hira’s idea. work on it now

  5. Anas Imtiaz says:

    i know of one guy who used the aunty wala idea…so if u want i can get u guys in touch 😛

  6. @Hira: No, And that reminds me of my second problem, for some reason, I m instantly likable to lonely old aunties… That gives me an idea…. sugar mama!!!

    @ls: Hey who wants a bout of depression anyway…. I think I ll stick to my ‘Chikna dharha’ self.

    @AI: Dude unless the auntie is willing to be my sugar mama, no thanks!!!

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