When two asses chat

So Me and farooqk were chatting the other day (just now actually) and were agreed on these “characteristics” of  our fellow bloggers…. Read and enjoy, and do leave your comments.

  • Absar is really gay. (No surprises there, but its high time the guy realizes it and let his ‘inner self’ really out! Cuz the rest of the world already knows)
  • Ali a.k.a SAWJ a.k.a Senillius a.k.a Ass is more immature than an egg and sperm in seperate test tubes.
  • Farooqk is crazy trying to be crazy(er)
  • Hira. S is sane trying to be insane. Very very hard actually, and failing at it miserably!
  • Leena. S is insane trying to be sane. (Or it could be the other way around, you never know)
  • Minerva is a wannabe shrink who is a wanna be teacher who is a wannabe housewify.
  • Purple Drifter is an crazy person trying to be sane, but she does such a good job that she fools us all…. more often than not.
  • Safiullahhussaini is insane overacting it. Farooqk wants me to put this as “crazy trying to be a crazy scientist”, but I say thats just sematics.

And we had a slight debate on Anas but he is trying to be Absar and SAWJ both at the same time… and he is really confused about it!!!!


42 Responses to When two asses chat

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    I will take heart from the fact that I’m neither one of those 😉 not yet :S

  2. It should be interesting when that ‘yet’ comes round the corner. I can only imagine a cross between a gay and an immature ass! Hehehehe!

  3. Senilius says:

    So the Egg and the Sperm were doing gheebat together?

    I dropped in on the right time!

  4. Senilius says:

    Don’t act like that, feels like you’re taking Absar’s place!

  5. Yeah, But your place is fixed, No one can beat you or replace you! You are actually irreplaceable… That should be ample to fulfill your even more immature ego! HAHAHAHA!

  6. Leena S says:

    hahahha….so all the girls are sane trying to be insane or the other way round 😛 and if this is a tag, guys, i got to talk to u soon…thats the only way i can get this done 😉

  7. Hira S. says:

    Tch. So wrong you are. I’ve always believed I’m the sanest of you lot. And yeay! finally i get to tell the world what i really feel about you guys!

  8. Minerva says:

    o Minerva is a wannabe shrink who is a wanna be teacher who is a wannabe housewify.

    There are so many things wrong with this sentence.

  9. Pinky says:

    here i am, happy?! now tell me about me..umm not over here though 😉
    AND Leena is NOT insane,M is NOT a wannabe, PD is NOT crazy and Hira isnt acting insane either 😈 though you are right about all the guys 😀

  10. @Leena: Yeah you guys are insane…. and Minerva is not, she is a mother figure!

    @Hira: No we are not… you are in denial!

    @Minerva: Han janab Aap ki furungi gurdaan bohot achi hai… Hehehehe, and Actuall it should be the other way around!

    @Pinky: Very happy! Oh and we are right about ALL the people… all the women lack tha perspective we have!

  11. Absar says:

    Coming from a guy who tries to make up for his total lack of personality by trying to imitate a TV character (*cough* :P), I don’t mind 😛

    SAWJ! Abay OOOO!! Insaan ban, sides na badal! :@

  12. If I did even imitate someone, I’d imitate some one better, not worse. As for my lack of personality I cant do anything about it.

    And dude! We really have nt done justice to you, we should have elaborated a bit more.

  13. PD says:

    Ahem, I’m the epitome of sanity.

    But anyway, im not surprised, considering this is coming from ‘two asses’. 😉

  14. Senilius says:

    Absar: Sorry mate!

    Safi: At least I don’t imitate fictitious characters. I have the originality to come up with my own, you House-wannabe, Raangar-hitting, jaali-bharam-wala, hideous sidekick of a baboon!

  15. Minerva says:

    I swear people should better not want me to take up this tag.

  16. SAWJ: Looks like I hit a nerve! I aint gonna say no more, you just proved my point!

    Minerva: Hey I did nt tag you or anybody. But if you want to (or dont want to) its up to you.

  17. farooqk says:

    hahahaha and you said your blog doesnt get any visitors!! 😛

  18. Minerva says:

    I just might take it up as a tag. I just might.

    *sinister scoff*

  19. farooqk says:

    we shall all get free psychoanalysis! 😛

  20. @Farooqk: Hahahaha! Yeah! Always wanted to go to a shrink…. though the case maybe slightly different here.

    @Minerva: Will look forward to it, also I intend to do a follow up… We have done the “offensive” (somewhat slightly I guess, I could have done a better job at it) post, now its time to do a truthful post.l

  21. And by truthful, I meant no frills, no exaggeration, ugly hard truth… Clint Eastwood style.

  22. Leena S. says:

    @ Pinky
    girl, we have been missing you soo much!

    @ minerva
    take it up as a tag, id love to see wat u have to say about everyone 🙂

    @ safi, farooq and hira
    u know we should have done this together last night. i am not doing this tag alone!

  23. Anas Imtiaz says:

    this post is an instant hit :O

  24. Leena S. says:

    hahhaha yea…safi’s post and farooq’s publicity, both have worked quite well

  25. @Leena: I told you guys last night!!! You would nt listen!

    @AI: Dont be jealous! Its high time my pathetic little blog got some action!

    @Leena: Yeah, The genius behind the idea and the marketing guy! I wish I could get someone as good to market my project… I ‘d love to share the booty of the endeavor! I just keep writing silly emails to tech guys all over and nobody listens…. Me the Wozniak needs a Jobs!

  26. Leena S. says:

    we are doing this tag together wen we talk next time

  27. farooqk says:


    totally totally! 😛

  28. Minerva says:

    Oh you bet I will, Leena.

    Safi and Farooq better watch out. One unflattering post deserves another 😛

  29. farooqk says:

    lol main to durrr gaya!! 😛

  30. You are actually going to stoop to our level? That I gotta see!

  31. @All: Thank you all for your comments and views! For once its nice to come back from to find your inbox filled with comments! Thank you again! And I apologies for anything that I might have said or written.

  32. Leena S. says:

    safi, itna formal kyon ho rahey ho 😛

  33. Leena:
    Abay formal ho tou masla…. na ho tou masla!

    Whaaaaaaat? So little about me? I m insulted!

  34. Minerva says:

    The truth is the truth, man.

    And INSULTED? You’ve used wannabe three times in trying to describe ME! You should’ve had the common courage to enjoy what you dished out. Hah! 😛

  35. Minerva: I meant you should have dished out more!!! Heck you did nt even stoop to our level! Thats not fair!!!

  36. AD says:

    my God! what a conversation!
    so asses actually chat 😛

    nice to know so much about view points 🙂

  37. Lady! Give thanks to Allah you did nt come up in the conversation…

    Oh, in the next post you are definitely in! So beware!

  38. […] 31, 2009 · Leave a Comment Now wen Safi and farooq did this post, I didnt really take it too seriously. It was fun to read and even more fun to read the comments […]

  39. Minerva says:

    Uff, you don’t write as interesting for me to DISH OUT MORE.

    There. Happy? 😛

  40. Nope…

    I was really hoping for a free psych-consult! Hehehe

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