Gimme Shelter

If you have been around, you would know that I was rooting for a scholarship, which got rejected. Since then I ve been trying to hook another means to finance my higher education/inacceptance to grow up and get out of school, and get a life. Khair, Since now I have somethig to show for my meagre, unmarketable and easily replaceable capabilities, I have opened my horizon to companies like Google and Apple.

Well So yes, my scholarship is just a shot away, that shot is a really really big shot. Cuz the way these guys treat me is like a homeless off the street. You should read the email I receive in replies. They are so damn courteous about saying fuck off! but I guess I ll keep asking… ‘Gimme Shelter’ and hope somebody listens.


7 Responses to Gimme Shelter

  1. farooqk says:

    so like, how do you present this stuff to them??

    *i cant see the video right now, dunno what its about*

  2. Ummm I write it up in an email, with a proposal. I m thinking of sending in a small video from now on.

  3. And dont worry about the video…. is a Rolling stones song of the same name.

  4. farooqk says:

    Show me the email and proposal??

  5. Sure… I have it o my laptop back in my room. I send it over when I get back home.

  6. Leena S. says:

    send me the proposal too…my english is crap so most probably ill scare them off but u never know, it might just help

  7. YEah right! If your english is crap, then I probably write equations or worse… punjabi!

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