Love and patriotism

Love and patriotism, two of the most over-rated feelings we have. Yet we aspire to them more than goodness and all other crap.

Khair, I was chatting with a mixed group of people, they were from all over the place, and suffice it to say, they were fascinated why I was a Pakistani. What they could nt understand was my country is pathetic, its filled with stupid, fucked up people who care more about Shahrukh khan than the place they live in, its dirty and its horrible (I would nt deny that), yet I love it, I m patriotic about it and I would go back there one day.

Well I launched into one of those riddiculous speeches about motherland and great people and other loads of crap that I could come up with, but later I realized something, why I and the rest of the Pakistani’s love their country (at least overtly). You see, the best lover that you can have is the one your have to fight with, you have to make an effort to get close to, you have to go through all the bad stuff, the screams and the shouts and the acting outs to actually get to the core. and even though you ll end up hating them, but you ll love them nonetheless. Hate and love are not exclusive or’ed!

An American, or an indian, or some european bloke would love their country cuz there are so many things to love. A Pakistani would love his or her country not because there are many things to love, cuz frankly there are nt, and those that are are being taken away one by one. But because there are so many things to hate that we learn to find things to love in all that mess. And its the effort that makes you fall head over heels for that country. You go through so much crap that you end up saying, I went through all that just for you my love, for in the end you are worth it.

Thats why I love my country. Not because its a bed of roses, but because its not and yet for me it is, and it is mine, Mine all mine.

EDIT: listen to this song,


11 Responses to Love and patriotism

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    I LIKE this!! 🙂

    I’d add some more…one of the reasons we love our country is that we are in a constant struggle in the country. we struggle for each and every thing within. and after so much of struggle and hard work i think u jst cant let it go….its like a project that u work days and nights on, always cursing at and vowing not to do anything like tht again, but again u end up taking another one…cuz u loved it when u achieved something after hard work (even if its too little) and that feeling is jst priceless…i hope im making sense .. kinda hard to express for me :S

  2. Dude you make more sense than my post. Reminds me of a song!

    Yeah, and I say, you can fall in love with something great cuz you ll have a million reasons to love it. But that love is priceless when you fall for something that gives you a million reason to hate it and never look at it again. I can fall in love with a Ferrari, but I loved my old corolla more for the million reason it gave me to hate it. (Thats a car reference for ya!)

  3. farooqk says:

    i thought you said you werent gonna do anymore emotional posts on this blog and it was going to be all techy and shit??? 😀 😛

  4. Leena S. says:

    dude that was a nice post 🙂
    if its love, it has to be unconditional, otherwise its just not love. perhaps we have learned to love Pakistan unconditionally.

  5. Actually, whne I published this I was pissed, really pissed! A chick comes up to me and says you get blasts in your country everyday, why do you love it?!

    So I had to do this post.

    @leena: I dont think unconditional love even exists. everything has a purpose and so does every love. Since love has a purpose, it would imply that it is conditional.

    But yes, the conditions that any love entails can be made “unreasonable” enough to call it unconditional. Hey is nt that what we do now that relativism is the order of the day?

    I m pretty sure you ll agree… if you know what I mean.

  6. farooqk says:

    phir sahee hai! 😛

  7. Leena S. says:

    well if the reasons are so unreasonable and u are basically getting nothing out of it, it is unconditional love 🙂
    and as for someone coming up to u saying that there are blasts every day in ur country and stuff…i remember there was this girl in our class from sri lanka who said something similar to a palestenian guy, dude that was something soo interesting to see 😛 i mean u can imagine how bad things can go in sri lanks and how much can be said against em. ppl just say stuff without thinking that the other person can get equally (or even more) rude.

  8. Leena: Argh! Do we ever disagree on ANYTHING??? Yes thats what I meant, but the point was, it is still conditional, cuz sometimes those ‘unreasonable conditions’ do occur… low probability does nt mean zero occurance!

    Yeah but I did want to get rude! Heck I wanted to really say something then, but nothing came to mind.

    And ironically our patriotism does have a price, a very cheap price at that. Ergo the brain drain!

  9. pinkkay says:

    awww you wrote that?..i am pleasantly surprised..

  10. Hmmm… and here I thought you were here to defame me…. wait! you are defaming me! On my blog!

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