Married women hate group (or something like it)

Aaaaah! Love (fake) and weddings are in the air. I have five acquintances who are tying the knot in the very near future. And two of them are chicks.

And since I m the one who is stuck between the rock and the hard place, I have to listen to their rants. Not that I mind. It’s just that there is such disparity between my used-to-be single “acquintances” and soon-to-be married acquintances. Now men are a bit bearable in their rants for the obvious reasons that they are less rants and more of a Parade! Mind you that these assholes were the same ones who used to say marriage is so over-rated in that very ominous fake-beverly-hills accent. Argh hypocricy! Now they cant wait to get married (read get laid), which is understandable.

OK now lets come to the main course of the day…. soon-to-be-married women folk. Now this one chick I know, was so against marriage just a few months back that I secretly thought that she was probably a guy! And now? She just cant wait to tie the knot! Heck if she got her way, she’d probably elope with her new toy and get married! Comon! Hold your horses and live a little! Watching her I have come to know, that no matter how feminist, how butch, how modern, how “philosophically balanced” and my personal favourite “the intellectuall superior to denounce the “institution of marriage”” a woman is, they just cant wait to get married. Yet they will put a facade of intellectualism/hip modernism/work/whatever, which I have yet to find a purpose for.

Ok now for the desert. Women can do anything, but the only thing they cant not do is get married, even if they dont want to. And they will make the most lamest of excuses for it. And those excuses are what’s so interesting.  Cuz they will tell you not that how they dont want to get married, but how they do want to get married!

So this is a hate post? NO… but my problem is that I want people (women folk) to get their story straight. At least acknowledge that you want to get married, (I m talking about the ones who dont plan to get married in the near future.) but you have not found the right guy yet. Now is that so hard to say. And this is one reason why I love the policy of this blog. She is truthful and confident about it. Now that is mature! The rest, write that down and…    GROW THE HELL UP ALREADY!


40 Responses to Married women hate group (or something like it)

  1. farooqk says:

    hahaha you angry angry man!

    and dude, everyone wants to get laid! 😛

  2. I know! But why is it so hard to admit?!

  3. farooqk says:

    cause good kids dont talk about it! 😀

  4. Yeah… good kids go to heaven, bad kids go everywhere I guess!

  5. Anas Imtiaz says:

    haha…one of my friends, who not surprisingly is a female, was soo anti-marriage and one day we heard she got married, next day she said that she was dreaming for this moment all her life

    ofcourse..everyone wants to get married cuz thts the legitimate way of getting laid!

  6. farooqk says:

    its good to get laid! 😀

  7. @Farooqk:
    Yeah yeah we know that! You dont need to rub it in!

    Yeah, if its a common friend we might be talking about the same person! Hehehehe

  8. farooqk says:

    nothing like it 😛

  9. PD says:

    Ugh. Smells of testerone here.

    And like, its Ramadan! Have some respect. Ahem.

    On a more serious note, a lot of people have genuine reasons and experiences they’ve gone through which they probably wouldn’t want to share with the entire world – so you never know whos genuine and who isnt, its a bit silly to generalise about all Women ‘making excuses’ for no particular reason.

    And there is a lot of crap that happens these days in regards to marriage to make a person think twice about jumping the bandwagon.

  10. Hahahaha!!! Hit a nerve right there!

    The point of this post was….
    1) There are no valid excuses, so stop making them.
    2) Admit your excuse and admit that its lame.
    3) If you do the above two, I think you are set in my book, you can do what ever you want!

  11. And the only VALID reason for not getting married in Islam is that you wont be able to provide for yourself, your spouse and your future family. Heck, I think you can help me quote on this.

  12. farooqk says:

    totally, and who doesnt want to get laid! 😀

  13. ~ says:

    i love the comments. so much. yes farooq.

  14. @~: I see you have gone to great lengths obscuring your identity. Since we all here are very normal (Ok, not at all normal), un-stalker material, gentlemen (Hmmmm not really, we are all scoundrels here), you should at least use a valid name.

    @farooqk: Yeah we just agreed to that.

  15. this really makes me feel like i have been rewarded. surely i did state the hypocrisy runs in our nerves and it will until the end of time and those who actually will realize honesty will be scorned and hit and made a mess of because they dont fit the crowd.

    my favorite part :
    “Watching her I have come to know, that no matter how feminist, how butch, how modern, how “philosophically balanced” and my personal favourite “the intellectually superior to denounce the “institution of marriage”” a woman is, they just cant wait to get married. Yet they will put a facade of intellectualism/hip modernism/work/whatever, which I have yet to find a purpose for.”

    you took the thoughts out of my brains 😀

  16. I was wondering when you ‘d show up…

    You actually have brainssss? as in plural… as in a lot of them (in this case two would be a lot)… Wow! I knew you were brilliant but I did nt know the many brains had a contribution behing it!

    Hahaha, just kidding…

    I dont know why would anyone want to fit the crowd… I thought people wanted to be unique! dont they? But then unique is too hard to handle for most people.

  17. ~ says:

    are you kidding?the farooq-hira-saif-leena blog circle is my latest stalking obsession. too funny you both (you and farooq) are. and truthfully,my name is pretty close to ~.

  18. Uhhhh tild? Your name is tild? And who is saif?

    Oh so are the stalker! I always thought it would be the other way around… you know the stalker having the open identity and the stalkee hiding it, but whatever works I guess.

    And funny? No no no no, we are damned serious people! Cant you the serious face, the oh-so-serious surroundings?

  19. farooqk says:

    dumbass, YOU are saif!!! 😀


    We have a stalker?! Wow!! Youre not planning on killing us or anything are you? Not that im scared, but id like to say goodbye to a few people you know? 😦

  20. @Farooqk: DUMBASS!!! I know my name! and its NOT Saif! Its Safi! S.A.F.I. write that down!

    And goodbyes are so over-rated!

  21. farooqk says:

    ~ refers to you as saif! not my fault!! 😡

    And everything is overrated to you, you emotionally constipated brat! 😛

  22. PD says:

    haha aww you guys have a stalker 😉

  23. farooqk says:


    it feels so good to have a stalker! 😀

  24. ~ says:

    It was a typo, please forgive me saFI. and farooq, why exactly would I want to kill you and deprive myself of the humour you guys bring in my life on a daily basis?:)

    I really don’t know why I’m being so nice to you guys considering you don’t really know what being nice is.

  25. farooqk says:

    i dunno, i thought maybe you’re one of the many ppl we’ve dissed, which has led to you becoming a highly insecure individual, who needs to hide his name,cause hes out on a hunt, trying to get revenge? or maybe not? Who knows! 😀

    Maybe youre being nice cause youre just a real swell guy, you know. Keep it up! 😉

  26. ~ says:

    i do like your (wrong) assumptions but lets just start with the main ones first.
    Her, not his.
    Gal, not guy.

    Thank you.

  27. @PD: Yes we do! And we are so thrilled about it! If only you guys could take your stalkers so… not seriously!

    @~: Oh for “Whatever’s sakes is relevant to you”‘s sakes! Use a word instead of a character! Its so damn inconvenient! I cant make up a ‘derogatory’ attribute for it!

    And you are a guy to us (cuz you are a stalker, and women stalkers are either really scary, or just plain boring) no matter what your sex!

    And do tell us if we have dissed you in the past, cuz then we ll know how to do it again! Hehehehe

    @Farooqk: Nice move there buddy! You actually got something personal out from…. our stalker.

  28. farooqk says:

    yes, the good thing about bullshitting is that sometimes you end up saying something intelligent! Accidentally ofcourse, but intelligent nonetheless! 😀

    oh, then my assumptions are wrong for sure. We don’t really pick on women, um, well we only pick on our women ‘friends’, i think. Right, safi?

    And you’re welcome. We appreciate our fans. We dont have many, infact, youre our first! 😀

  29. You do realize even our stalker has stopped stalking us!

  30. Actually it seems like we made her runaway! Hehehe

  31. farooqk says:

    thats cause shes a woman! stalking is a man’s job! 😀

  32. PD says:

    you both have completely lost it.. 😛 And i thought ramadan makes people saner…

  33. farooqk says:

    aap ki ghalatfehmi hai!! 😛

  34. but why won’t you spell acquaintance correctly?

    why?? 😀

    also i dont understand your second last para (just call me lady retentive Editor in the making)

    but i get the point of your post… *sigh* and sort of agree…

  35. Ok… seriously? You are going to be my THIRD spell checker… actually 4th if you include the glorious F7 key!

    What is with you people?! Spelling were so 80’s!

    Ok since you are new here… I ll give you a pass. And the rule book here.

    The rules are they are no rules, almost anything goes, except bashing people…. only I get to do that! And now spell checking or crammer checking (Hey! A crappy writer has to level the playing field with you writer folks!) And Lastly, feel free to bash Farooqk anytime!

  36. farooqk says:

    dude, she’s on my side! 😀

  37. Abay chal?

    And you actually need cavalry to bash me???

  38. farooqk says:

    hahaha not at all!!!

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