Countdown to Submittion (if that ever happens)

I knew writing research papers was a bitch, but I did nt know they would actually be this bad… To tell the truth I m doing nothing, I write like just for two hours or so in the day and sleep the rest, but then, it should be fun by my standards, right? WRONG! Its the constant reminder that you are worth nothing in this world and that your life’s work amounts to the Planck’s constant! Ok now I m being overly dramatic, its not my life’s work… Heck I dont even have a life!

Khair four days to go, till the deadline and I have nt got my first draft yet, I ll have you give it to my sup sometime tonight or early tomorrow. And the real bitch are the diagrams and the tables, I have nt used paint so much in the entire life as much as I have used in this past week. But I also got to learn LaTeX out of this experience which is somewhat good.

Finally, that wierd feeling in the pit of my stomach? The one I have nt felt in a long while…. its back! And this time around I have no idea why! Maybe that why I m sleeping so much, or maybe its just the ramadhan taking its toll, lets wait and see. My “Eid” would be on 17th, thats when the submition is, the real eid is on 20th I think.


5 Responses to Countdown to Submittion (if that ever happens)

  1. farooqk says:

    weird feeling in the pit of your stomach?! :O

  2. Anas Imtiaz says:

    dude…that weird feeling is cuz u need a break! go to the toilet, dont wait for 2 am!!!!! comeon!! 😀

    figures and tables…ive tons of them in my dissertation 😦

  3. @Anas: Been there! done that! I m writing a paper, its not rocket science that I would need a breakthrough at 2 am! Hehe!

    Yeah, and using pain(t) to make them sucks even more.

  4. Yaar I have to draw some “difficult to make” pictures like interaction diagrams, which are easier to draw in paint rather than a fancy tool. I use visio for charts and our diagrams. Photoshop makes you jump through a lot of hoops to do the simplest of things.

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