I know I m an ass and that I m too full of myself… maybe a bit too much, but lately I have been amplified by, I dont know, circumstance., Yes lets blame it on circumstance.

Khair, I m writing this paper and even though I know I m the most pathetic of writers, I just can make heads or tails of what I write, especially on this paper. I just want to get over and done with, this word searching in lieu of soul searching is so…. boring.

And I need a drawing/picture editing software for this damn paper…. pain(t) is not going to cut it.


4 Responses to Hmph

  1. hahaha get it? paint, is not going to cut it.??

    as in image editing – cutting and pasting??

    hahaha god i’m such a geek.

  2. @stb: Ok… lame joke but… can change that ‘b’ to a ‘d’? Can I? Can I?

    Dont worry, I found a combination of tools that work. Word graphics, office photo editor and Inkscape. Work pretty good in tandem.

    And I m the Lord of the Geeks around here! You dont even make it to the rookie stage!!!

    @Farooqk: Stop harassing my visitors! Do that on your own blog!!!

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