IMG_0131The most awesome shirt I have ever seen! Hahahahahahahaha


36 Responses to Interesting

  1. farooqk says:

    its like it was made for you!! 😛

  2. Actually i was thinking of buying it as eidi… for you!

    But then I said to myself, you aint worth a cent! You kunjoos bihari! He Hee He Hee Hee Hee He

  3. shiny says:

    wait biharis are kanjoos?

  4. @shiny: YES THEY ARE!

    @Farooq: Stop feeding my visitors with BULL! You ass! You Bihari! You You…

  5. farooqk says:

    safi, you psychopath!! i hope your wife is a horrible cook and all she feeds you is sabzee!!! 😡 😛

    how can the ppl who make bihari kababs be kanjoos!! do you have any idea how much masala you have to put into it?! 😀

  6. Farooq you kunjoos bihari!!! (That is gaali enough for you!) Bihari kabab has LESS meat and more masala in it! I say beharis cut costs but putting in the cheap raw product and cutting out on the expensive one!!!

    But then you would nt understand… You are NOT an engineer! Now stop bullshitting my visitor.

    @Shiny: Welcome… dont mind this ass and that ass… Ok? We are being our usual selves.

  7. farooqk says:

    engineers are dumbshit!! 😆

  8. Yeah anyone other than engineers (except doctors of course) are losers!

  9. PD says:

    that is definitely an INTERESTING shirt.. haha

  10. shiny says:

    engineers are cool. and biharis too. but the best are bihari engineers 😉

  11. farooqk says:

    hahaha youre just being diplomatic!!

  12. @shiny:
    Yeah and I hate the diplomatic and the politically correct… Why is pissing people off (sometimes) such a bad thing?

    Uhhh…. Ergo the title? You should have seen the bright red one with bright green checks like on the onderside of a raincoat! or the Dull pink one with dark blue checks! Who buys such stuff? Or better yet, who wears em???! Even I have better ‘fashion’ sense than that! Heck my closet is filled with black t-shirts and blue jeans for no reason!

  13. shiny says:

    i hate diplomatics too. specially bihari diplomatic engineers.

    im serious,my previous comment was directed towards a real person and so is this. no diplomacy involved.

    and i promise ive seen someone wearing tht shirt.

  14. Hahahaha!

    Dont tell me the person wearing it was some south indian bloke wearing shirt and tousers and white joggers underneath! Not that I care… It just looks…. I dont know…. funny?

  15. shiny says:

    nope, it was a sardar with a red pagri. the shirt had half sleeves by the way. and i was too horrified by that sight to look at his shoes 🙂

    looks funnier?

  16. Oh yes! very!

    The gleaming white sneakers are like a beacon over dark dress trousers and buttoned up to the neck shirt, full sleeves! Its like they want to depict a serious-all-round-fun-in-the-feet attitude! Khair.

    Ok I have a horrible taste in fashion too, so I should nt be the one mocking.

  17. farooqk says:

    >>>I have a horrible taste in fashion<<<

    you can say that again! 😛

  18. Huda says:


    A rainbow Shirt 😮

  19. @Farooqk:
    Hey I m an engineer…. It has its upsides and downsides. Besides I thank Allah I dont look metrosexual!

    Nice of you to drop by…. I think its your first time here… actually there is some story behind that shirt… Suffice it to say we were being given advice on fashion by a certain someone that left an awkward taste in our mouths.

  20. farooqk says:

    youre look more like youre asexual! muahahaha

  21. Huda says:

    It’s not my first time! 😛 I do read your blog, it’s the first time I am commenting! 😀 Well now, its the second time actually! 😛

  22. @farooqk:
    Yeah right… you are just jealous I look better than you! You dumb bihari!

    Lets not get into the technicalities…. Oh and dont expect me to return the favor though. I m a lazy brat with no social sense whatsoever. It might be years until I stumble onto your blog! Hehehehehe (Scooby Doo style)

  23. farooqk says:

    you dumbshit glorified electrician, you look like a bully kutta that just lost a fight!!! 😛

  24. shiny says:

    yehhhh dostii hum nahiii toraingeee.. (just thought of adding some background music:P)

  25. farooqk says:

    toraingay hum agar, engineer sahab aakay jooraingay! 😛

  26. @Farooqk:
    Ok now you are just being too wierd!

    For some reason you sound like benazir bhutto saying those words!

  27. Huda says:

    I never asked you to return it nor I expect you to 😉

  28. Safiullah says:

    Woah! Thats a relief!

  29. farooqk says:


    right now you sound like those chicks who keep telling you to not touch them when theyre really actually having a lotta fun muahahahaha

  30. farooqk says:

    hahaha that was a real bull’s eye!!

  31. AD says:

    your definition of awesome scares me 😛

  32. You do realize there is a thing called sarcasm?

  33. Leena S. says:

    ahem ahem…i found the post u wre talking about!
    and well, thats actually the ‘most awesome’ shirt 😛 try kia aisa kuch?

  34. You think I m nuts??? I ll get evicted for “fahashi” the next day!!!!

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