My paper and its demise

The story goes that we have bee going through a slight rough patch these days as I got my scholarship rejected, my project was not going so right, and then I was pushed into a testing stage prematurely, and to top it off since I have returned from Pakland, I have this bad (and uneasy) taste in my mouth which I have had before but cant quite make it out. Somehow it is so familiar, yet I just cant place it in my string of memories. Khair

here is the paper, actually the unedited version. the edited version is on my laptopster.

So now about the paper, when I was about to finish and submit the paper, my sup comes up and tells me to not submit. Ok the problem is that I completely agree with his reasons, that our work is premature, we have nt done complete testing and we need the user experience survey data too, which is a real bitch. It still pisses me. And so much so that I m like a rabid dog these days, I go after and ravage anything that so much as steps my way. My temper is so short that even my first love, my computer has been a target… I just broke my keyboard the other day.

Khair… So lets stay away from people for a while.

Listen to this… Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


5 Responses to My paper and its demise

  1. farooqk says:

    i cant see the paper?!

    you psychopath, get some pills or something!!

  2. Anas Imtiaz says:

    do u really want to see the paper? REALLY?!

  3. @Farooqk: I accidently not link the paper… thankfully. And I have the same sentiments as anas…. Why would you even want to see my RESEARCH paper??? They are NOT pages out of victoria’s secret! Believe me!

  4. perfect.

    psychotic. paki. muslim.

    you must be a terrorist or something dude.

    btw. that weird taste in the mouth. is it coz you have a bad throat? i’ve had that taste for a couple of days. its gross. but my taste could be different to yours so one can never quite say.

  5. Thank you ma’am! Thank you! For explaining the intricacies of existential logic to me!

    and the combination goes like… Engineer, Psychotic, Paki, Muslim, Badass, Non social.

    And I wish I knew the ‘or something’ part!

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