ProcRastinating (Take 1) Happy?

Ok, if you need to know how much a grad student procastinates, read phdcomics !

So this is me procrastinating

Man with gun Adjusted

Ok, it first started out as a simple doodle, then it turned into a project. Now it actually looks the way I want it to.


20 Responses to ProcRastinating (Take 1) Happy?

  1. farooqk says:

    why does he have a hole in his skull?! 😛

  2. Clean your monitor you dumbass!

  3. farooqk says:

    clean your eyeballs dumbshit!

  4. shiny says:

    are you sure youre an engineer

  5. farooqk says:

    he barely graduated! 😛

  6. Huda says:

    Err.. it’s procRastinating! 😛

    I procrastinated enough back in High School. Undergrad is hard 😐

  7. Why is everyone out to be my spell checker???! Ok I start writing eng leesh like raasseeans! Veell that make you peopoll happy?!

  8. Huda says:


    You’re funny! 😛

  9. Huda says:


    I just noticed that title of this post :$

    Now, you’re HILARIOUS 😛

  10. You aint seen nothing yet missy!

  11. Huda says:

    Oh yea? 😮
    I can’t wait then! 😛

  12. HEY! I m NOT some jack in the box that pops hilarity at the yank of the lock!!!

  13. pinkkay says:

    wow..saffi you are seriously talented..
    at least with pencils 😉

  14. says:

    That really is good ::O:

  15. Why thank you ma’am! and welcome (or not) to the blog.

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