I m a weirdo, a freak! I live alone, I eat alone, I work alone, I like being alone… Heck I even talk to myself. That makes things quite easy for me, I have to take care of my own shit, I dont have people to blame for a lot of shit but myself. Most of the time I feel awkward among people, even the people who have known me for ages.In fact I prefer strangers for some reason, maybe because they are more interesting than a person you know.

So I learnt that getting real estate is a bitch, especially when money is definitely an object of great GREAT reverence! Even more so when you like living alone. Khair, Getting to the point, I got a flat shared by 5 Paki blokes and I ll be the sixth. And now I m starting to feel very VERY queasy about it, sharing a living space with 5 Paki guys…. Ok Paki guys are different from the rest of they guys, especially when its just guys. Its like a wolfpack. You show weakness, abnormality and/or fart differently, you get slaughered at the altar of amusement and ravaged like being attacked by hyenas…. almost literally, and whats more, You get to listen to crappy music all day…. wait, wait, lemme rephrase crappy Pushto music (since a dude there is Pathan… and you dont mess with a Pathan’s stereo! You never know… he might get….. well lets just leave the subtleties of masculine behavior at that).

I move in two days…. and I cant imagine how much shit load of stupid stuff I have gathered in the course of ten months that I have lived on campus! I have a small fridge for one, a desktop comp for another. And a shit load of stuff I dont need and have never used! like broom, bucket, mop and what not! And suffice it to say its a pigsty.

Getting back to living alone… I just realized this… I have been living alone for about 6 years now.


36 Responses to Alone

  1. farooqk says:

    dang.. you freak!!

    id hate sharing a room with a bunch of pakis too, unless they were modern hot paki chicks 😉

  2. shiny says:

    ive heard pathans are gay.

  3. UuuuuuuH? I dont know whether to cry or laugh on this!

  4. farooqk says:

    roflmao good one!!

  5. shiny says:

    hey its ok to meet people sometime. i love being in my room all day, but this week i’ve spent with my family and it wasn’t half as bad as i wondered. although i am back in my own little cave now cause it got too much.

    just lock urself in ur room!

  6. Senilius says:

    “Pathans are gay!”


    Suffice it to say you’ll be getting your tummy back! 😛

  7. anas imtiaz says:

    how many bathrooms in the flat? 😛

  8. shiny says:

    and how many bedrooms?

  9. shiny says:

    oh SAFIULLAH HUSSAINI is pathan?

  10. Full Moon says:

    Why is everyone talking about Pathans these days? 😐

  11. I have no idea? And who comprise in ‘everyone’?

  12. H says:

    Living alone is awesome for a while. Hit two years and you’ll begin to hate it. However, separate bathrooms are very important for me. Good luck. 🙂

  13. Hello H: Welcome to the blog! Ekh! That swounded so lame!

    Yeah same here, I never stay over at anyone’s place not even at my parents when they are in town. I always want to go to my room at the end of the day. I dont like people staying over.

    I dont mind living alone, I enjoy it for the most part, heck, like I said I have been doing so for the last almost 6 years. It only gets to me when I m not involved in some activity. But for me, those moments are sparse. Add a few things and living alone would be a heaven for me.

  14. Full Moon says:

    Sab ke sab!
    Those funny SMS/text messages people forward these days on cell phones!

    Pathans are taking over! 😮

  15. Uhhhh? You get those messages all the way in toronto??? And you actually read them???

  16. Full Moon says:

    Yes, my cousins and friends forward ’em to me! And yeah I do read ’em .. some of them are funny though! 😛


  17. Full Moon says:

    Yeahhh! 😉

  18. Full Moon says:

    What’s up with you and hmmmm? 😛
    You’re making me sleepy! *yawns*

  19. Hmmmmmmmmm?

    You mean this hmmmm? Go to sleep then!

  20. Full Moon says:

    I can’t!
    Have too much to do, don’t know where to begin. I’m really confused right now!


  21. begun at the start, that was easy! was nt it?

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