Uncharted territory

Can I play with madnes??? He said you re blind, Too blind to see!

Khair! yes I did the inevitable today… I cooked, and more importantly I made parathas!!! And for a first time effort, they were nt so bad, a bit “crisp” but as I was the one eating them, it did nt matter.



I guess everything tastes good when you are hungry!


16 Responses to Uncharted territory

  1. farooqk says:

    potty man, when i was in kindergarden, i used to make little chapatis to feed the birds. I kid you not, even then mine were better than what you made!! hahahah terrible job! this just made my day! 😀

  2. farooqk says:

    fyi, i think the problem was that the dough was too watery, and the pan was way too hot. Also i hope you didnt put in oil ‘after’ you put the roti on the pan? Cause that would be plain stupid.

    anyways Rofl!!

  3. Leena S. says:

    it looks edible at least…a lil over cooked but well keep trying, ul improve 😀

  4. Abay saale paidaaishi bihari pakwaan! Bihari hotel khole lo!!!! The problem was that I made them as thin as paper in my zeal.

  5. Anas Imtiaz says:

    everything tastes good when ur hungry..true…but this doesn’t *look* good!

  6. Yeah, I am a “looks can be decieving” kinda guy

  7. shiny says:

    aray this is so good. I have the awesome talent of making pakistan, india, any other country’s in the world’s map while making parathay. you name it, i can do it.
    lekin u jalaed them.

  8. farooq you should never see my rotis then 🙂

  9. @SAWJ:
    Mummy daddy bachche!

    Yeah… I think I have the same skill. But today’s was nt as bad! I made them a bit thicker, and they were quite round too.

    Dont worry about the bihari pakwaan, He is just worried somebody might take over his business.

  10. says:

    Still looks better than what I can make. 😀

  11. Absar Shah says:

    LOL! THIS is what the world has come to! 😛

  12. Safiullah says:

    Dont underplay your girly-ism!

    Aaaaah! Yeah man, But hey I get to eat a much better breakfast than I used to, so hey I m not complaining.

  13. Full Moon says:


    I can cook SO MUCH better than this! 😛

    I MUST show this to my mom 😉

  14. Go ahead, be my guest! (pun intended)

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