Square 1

The “back to the drawing board” thing is really really frustrating… Since I have to redo my design because of the fair amount of glitches and inadequate response time, now I find my brain wandering around from time to time, and I m prone to stupid mistakes.

and example is:

if ( ADC_index % 2)
    Packet [ADC_index + (ADCindex / 2)] = (byte)(dADCTempBuffer & 0x000000FF);
    Packet [ADC_index + (ADC_index / 2) + 1] = (byte)((dTempADCTempBuffer 
                                                        >> 8 ) & 0x0000000F);
    Packet [ADC_index + (ADC_index / 2)] |= (byte)((dADCTempBuffer 
                                                    << 4) & 0x000000F0);
    Packet [ADC_index + (ADC_index / 2) + 1] = (byte)((dADCTempBuffer 
                                                    >> 4) & 0x000000FF);

I wrote this eight lines code code in about an hour! An hour!!!! I tried to motivate myself to work by giving myself some extra goals which was implementing the USB protocol in my firmware. But I think I ll need to delve into assembly and probably that wacky gcc inline stuff, which makes it infeasible to do it in the time that I have. So thats going down the drain…. days of soldering connectors to the board and making cables! Argh!!!!

I need to complete this housekeeping stuff quickly so that I can concentrate on the juicy part, but these damn chores dont seem to be ending… they are dragging on and on like a bad rap song!

EDIT: There are days when I m a complete ass, and then there are days when I m this, and I dont know what *this* is called. But I think it is the opposite of ass!

I wanted to post the video for “Leaving you for me” but embedding is disabled on it. Tarja Turunen is the best female rock/metal vocalist ever, but she does nt sound as good as she did with Mightwish… and vice versa Nightwish does nt sound the same without her, now they actually sound very Evanescency, which is good, but not great. I hope they reconcile their differences and get back together and make great music like they used to, no offense to Annette Olsen, she is great and all, but she is not Tarja! Man that voice is angelic… coupled with symphonic elements and fist clenching drums and bass, and beautiful guitar, you ve got a formula for heavenly music.


23 Responses to Square 1

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Oh u have a smiley in ur code? 😛

    lol i know how u feel bro…if ur not motivated enough even writing a single line takes ages

  2. Argh! Its an “8 )”!!! I hate smileys!
    And yeah I agree. Khair I think I need to ride through it and finish it once and for all.

    cuz at the other end, the juicy part is still waiting!

  3. Anas Imtiaz says:

    chalo good luck, the juicy part shd motivate u somewhat

  4. farooqk says:

    yeh kia hai? 😛

  5. farooqk says:

    nightwish has always, and always will, SUCK.

  6. H says:

    I miss the days when I didn’t know what ADD stood for, hence, didn’t know it could exist, hence, ‘focused’ was the only word in my dictionary. I miss it now more than ever! I think I’m actually going to use these words of mine to write my next post (read brain wandering to far away places again!)

  7. Hahaha! well I have never been big on focus, my biggest weakness is (besides from being an ass and a jerk) lack of concentration. My attention span is smaller than a four year old’s. Especially when I m tracing my steps, somehow I dont like looking back on things.

  8. Senilius says:

    Hmmm…coding should be fun, no? 😛

  9. Absar says:

    If (daysInWeek == 7)
    saffiDada = "ass";

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