Last of the wilds

Not exactly wilds, but geeks. Yes our generation is probably the last of the old school geeks, and yes there is a huge difference. For your convenience let me iterate you through some of them. The old school geeks were a derivation of hippies. Brilliant minds with the courage to do things, if not the energy or the upper body strength to do em.In fact most of the REAL old school geeks were actually hippies. I m not going to cite examples here but take my word for it.Khair the difference between the old school and new school is subtle but when your know it, it seems like the great divide.

The Old school geeks were not just bookish and computerish, they believed in stuff. their likes and dislikes were not just because of their desire to fit in or the new trend in geekiness, but because of their opinions. And their opinions were driven by the various beliefs that they had. This not only set them apart from the new school geeks but the majority of the society itself. The new school geeks are geeks because they want to be portrayed as such. They are not the popular of the handsome or the bad asses of the world, so to fit in they form their own niche which is closely bounded. Now the old school geeks would not feel the desire to fit in in the first place. And their social network is as porous  and wide ranging as anyone else’s. Infact for the old school geeks, would not be called geeks if you met them with another bunch of people, as there are other facets to their personality. If you met them with a gearhead, you ‘d find them to be a gearhead, If you met them with a metalhead you ‘d find them to be a metalhead, but what is common in each of their facets is their firm opinions and their firm principles and beliefs, not the best trends. They are nostalgic people as any, wanting to go back to the good old days of the eight track tapes and pony cars!

Khair, the new geeks are the game controller wielding, fat people who dont do squat and dont know squat. Sure their are a few old school geeks in the new generation as the school is not bound with when you were born. But then they are few in numbers which are dwindling fast.

The old geeks were and are outspoken and they are uncompromising in their belief of the right and wrong. while the new ones are pretty much couch potatoes, or worse wannabes like me.


33 Responses to Last of the wilds

  1. H says:

    So, in a nutshell, the new school geeks are wannabe geeks that the old school geeks uniquely were?
    Hmm, interesting post.

  2. Haha! Interesting! I would nt use that adjective around here!

    Well, yes, us newbies are just talk, we yap about everything and do nothing.

  3. Lets just say, The new people have more potential than the old ones, but they lack the purpose and the character to make them unique. Geekness has become an emblem or conformity rather than a unique flaour of what made them great once. Now its just a group of people that look the same and talk the same rather than a group of individuals with nothing in common talking great ideas and making them work.

    The is a beautiful video about this on TED, I ll look for it and post it. Needless to say some of the most controversial idea (which sounded absurd in the begining) were made to work by such individuals.

  4. farooqk says:

    hahaha its incredible how you’re trying to glorify geeks!

    Geeks, my friend, were merely ppl who were desperate to get laid but never could. The new school geeks are people who are in lesser denial and agree to this fact. The older ones were just pushing for a lost cause. 😛

  5. Huda says:

    LOL @ SAWJ! 😛

    and a hot geek chick? I’ve never seen a chick who’s geek and hot! 😛 SAWJ ko hata kar! 😀

  6. Meri jan, ummeed pe dunya qaaym hai!

  7. Huda says:

    Meri jaan? Kon SAWJ? 😛

  8. Huda says:

    Oops! I thought that was for SAWJ! 😦

  9. Huda says:

    Hahahahaha! 😛

  10. Senilius says:

    What the heck is happening here?

  11. Huda says:

    You’re tagged Safi bhaijaan 😛

  12. Full Moon says:

    Dude, are you like always on the computer? 😛 Kidding! hahaha!

    Yeap, you better do it, I called you bhaijaan, come on, now do it! 😀

  13. The answer to the first question is yes… If not in front of the computer, I always have my phone on me.

    And you ll have to wait, I m stuck at 1 right now!

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