25 Random things…

about the world as I see it… Its too boring to talk just about oneself.

Anyway lets start.

  1. I have trouble deciphering 5 with 7, 1 with 11, 2 with 10, and 8 with four on a watch with hands but no numbers!
  2. I m strictly NOT a fruitarian…. the only fruit I can eat are apples and bananas, and I dont like either very much.
  3. I hate mangoes, I m probably the only Pakistani who does that!
  4. The only times I screw up are the times when I dont double check, and double check is one of my many OCDs, I need to check my keys, the locked door, my phone before living the room or house.
  5. I m a print freak! I need to print everything and anything, even the stuff I have already read! And I never throw away paper! I have manuals and datasheets dating back to the third semester.
  6. I can never choose ice creams or cakes! There are so many of them and I want them all! So when it comes to ice cream I always end up eating chocolate and strawberry, or chocolate cakes when cakes are in question.
  7. I use scorching hot water to bath a bath… even in summer when its 49C outside!
  8. Even now, when I have access to wire strippers and cutters, I peel wire jackets with my teeth.
  9. Talking about teeth, I top right incisors is fake, broke it while playing in the ninth grade at school. Ergo my hate for dentists (There is another reason too though, I think)
  10. I HATE social sciences people… and I am stuck with five of them! Argh! And the reason I hate them is because I think “social science” is a wrong term, as science implies empirical as well as theoretical proofs.
  11. I day dream constantly, although its pretty much the same dream everyday… it has evolved over the years.
  12. I have a very steep learning curve, or atleast I think I do, but I fail to excel, I just end up doing them very normally.
  13. I m terrible at verbal and visual cues and reading between the lines.
  14. I dont find Angelina Jolie attractive, beautiful, sexy, hot, pretty or any other such adjective. And my definition of all these terms differ from most guys
  15. I HAVE to cut my mails every friday! I can NOT stand big nail, even on other people.
  16. I hate doing numbered lists, I either go off course, or dont know what to put in halfway through.
  17. No matter how hard I try I cant make routines.
  18. I still have those old LEGO set from when I was 6 years old, and I still play with them.
  19. I m arachnophobic, I hate creepy crawlers and buzzers of all types. But I freeze only for a moment and then kill them straight away.
  20. As a child I was scared of human skeletons, the root cause can be traced back to the terminator 2 for some reason. The fear vanished when I was 12.
  21. I want to visit Antarctica, I m probably the few people who actually want to go there, I even tried applying, contrary to common belief, I learnt that there are a lot of people wanting to go there, and getting a job is very competitive.
  22. I sleep like a log…. people have told me that I have slept through thunderstorms and imbicile friends trying to wake me up. Although I wake up to my mothers voice at the first call, and she does nt even have to be loud about it.
  23. In my house, every remote control there is has its lid for the battery compartment broken, and they say its my fault.
  24. I m very possessive about my stuff. And one thing I dont like sharing with anyone is my computer.
  25. I hate going out in slippers, I can go bare foot but not in slippers.

Thats an hour wasted… I hate tags, damn you Huda!


40 Responses to 25 Random things…

  1. shiny says:

    3, 5, 7. Ditto.

    I HATE mangoes, and the usual response I get is “then you must be an ass…”(referring to the famous ghalib quote). I recently moved from Pakistan to Canada, and I had atleast 10 kgs of paper with me that I had saved over two years. Yes. 10 kg.

  2. H says:

    Ugh, I used collect too much paper too. When I graduated, I threw it all out and only kept my text books. My place is alot clutter free than it used to be.

  3. anas imtiaz says:

    Dude, I hate mangoes too 😀

    Number 7 applies to me as well.

    I skipped the word ‘wire’ in number 8 in the first read and had to read it again because something weird was coming up 😀

    And i agree to 24 as well.

  4. Senilius says:

    You actually did a tag? 😮

  5. Absar says:

    LOL @ SAWJ 😛

    Aur Saffi.. That is SO not you. Tu har cheez double check karta hai? You remember you car keys when you’re standing next to the car and the car door is locked. DUDE!

    Remember the time me and Durrani were trying to call you for that movie? Your nana was answering your phone while you were away 😛 Insaan ban, sach bolna shuru kar de 😛

    Though 15 is absolutely true – you’ve THE shortest non-nails I’ve seen on anyone 😛

    And ditto for 14. I can’t understand what people see in her? Kate Beckinsale, on the other hand… Oh my GOD!

  6. Full Moon says:

    3 – You hate Mangoes! 😮 WOW! That’s shocking.

    10 – Don’t hate. The more you hate it, the more you get to see it! 😀

    11 – So true 😛 Dreaming about a hot geek chick? 😛

    An hour wasted? 😦 Fine fine, I won’t tag you next time. But thanks still for doing this tag! 😛

  7. @shiny: Apparently everyone here hates mangoes… thats odd. 10 kgs??? You air freighted them? Uhhhhh why would you need to strip wires again?

    @Hydrogen: Well my problem is I cant throw anything out. I keep em thinking I might have use for them in the future, but that future never comes.

    @AI: Haha, I remember in DLF lab, my group was with Durrani and A4/bobby, and both of them did nt what to get their hands dirty, so it became my responsibility to strip and cut wires…. bad time Man! Bad times.

    @Absar: Like I said the times when I do screw up are the times when I dont double check. and I did get the car open did nt I? And even my room door open that one time?

    And I adore Kate Beckinsale! She is absolutely HOT! Hooooooo’t

    @Huda: Now everybody hates mangoes!!! Cheaters!!!

    Well I cant stop hating them. and I dont know why.

    About 11, And yes definitely… would nt have it any other way.

    Haha and no problem, I did nt have anything to post any way.

  8. Leena S says:

    omg…did i just read u hate mangoes!!??? and anas hates mangoes too? thats such a shock!!

  9. Obviously, we have the best mangoes in the world, and I dont eat em. Well I dont eat almost any fruit, so I guess mangoes dont feel left out.

  10. says:

    I hate mangoes too. Well not hate hate but I am sick of eating them now. 😮

  11. Brickwall says:

    Well, you missed out on management, business and political sciences there.

    But frankly, no need for us to accord such a high recognition to Popper. I mean, it is just a term so let people have their own definitions and move on. Don’t give a thing if tomorrow they come up with the idea of ‘metaphysical sciences’ : )

    • Oh, I think management, business and political sciences people are subsets of social sciences.

      Oh and I think they ‘d coming with such a term very very soon judging from the rate they are going! These dumbasses apply statistics to every damn thing… Reminds me a Barney Stinson if you know what I mean.

    • Brickwall says:

      Well, if they are the subsets, then may be every other branch of science is a subset except One. This illustrates the idea in a rather comical way:


      And I have no earthly idea of Barney Stinson.

    • Safiullah says:

      Dude! Google him! And dont you watch “How I met your mother?”

      Khair he has a catch phrase which starts like “83% of…” and it could be a made up fact about anything. Which is my point, if you look hard enough, statistics will give your a partial correlation between any two unrelated facts, and social sciences people depict them as cause and effect in such a way as if they are obviously related by a law of nature.

      The best example of such laws is economics… a complex system can never be completely predictable, no mater how many variables for even the minutest of disturbances you include for an indefinite period of time. We engineers know this as a fact through the Nyquist theory and all. And economists do try (and fail) to predict such a complex system, especially around the crests and troughs. Through equations you may be able to predict the behavior for the steady states but the unexpected dynamic changes? like recessions and booms? You just cant do that, and its the failure to understand and still continue to employ these so called scientific methods to a system without understanding it, is what makes social sciences people and their studies a LOAD of CRAP!

      Khair this is a debate, one which may not have a pretty ending.

  12. sophi says:

    People hate mangoes…People hate mangoes…People hate mangoes :O

  13. Naureen says:

    I couldnt help laughing about the social sciences part… hahaha! 😀

  14. First of all, welcome….

    Secondly, if you are a social ‘sciences’ person… I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE about being a hateful Physical Sciences person! We are all hateful cynical people!

    If you are not a social sciences person, Yay!

  15. Naureen says:

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I am very much a social sciences person – I am an aspiring anthropologist! You dont have to apologize – I am trained to be a relavist to an extent and beyond that extent – u just kick ass when u deem fit! If u didnt get that, let it be 😉

    So all Physical Scientists are hateful people? Hm…

    I think i have some dislike for bankers… they are annoying!!

    • Like Bones eh? Waise I know an anthropologist’s true colors…. You guys are NOT scientists!!!

      And are you trained to be a realist or a relativist??? Oh yeah All physical scientist… (First of I m not really a physical scientist per say) are cynical, hateful, arrogant and High-and-mighty people! We have to be in order to believe that the universe is a grand cosmic joke of even grander proportions!

      Oh and everybody hates bankers these days, thats not news! Obviously there is a recession out there and its THEIR doing!

  16. Naureen says:

    Bones is interesting. I never said i was a scientist 😛 I think anthropologists are trained to be relativists to an extent – u still dont lose ur capacity to be a realist though – the timing of application varies.

    About the physical scientists thing… whatever, man whatever 😛 🙂

    • Sure bones is interesting… but the forensic “anthropologist” gig is kinda lame… Anthropologists study cultures not bones, do they? They are more like psychologists but on a more grander scale. At leasst thats what my understanding is.

      As far as relativism goes…. that is just lame, its supposed to be common scene… but people use it like its some eye opening philosophy! Add ‘ism’ to any word you can find and you have the right to come up with a philosophy! Khair…

      My point is ‘relativism’ has been around before relativity and thus relativism came to existence… and as far as realism is concerned, science is not about realizm but the truth (relative or otherwise), and the truth knows no compromise, which is the basis of realism. Ergo engineers and “anthropologists” are NOT scientists.

      BUT engineers since engineers use empirical and theoretical proofs to jusdge their realism they can and do come under the umbrella of science.

      But yes, I would prefer an anthropologist to a shrink any day of the week. (Except monday)

  17. Bub Bub bub bub bub bub bub bub bub…

  18. Naureen says:

    Hmm. Dozed off :p

    To my understanding, anthropologists are not psychologists. Anthropologists do study human cultures and human beings (the way they live- at least cultural anthropology does).

    Psychologists explore more of a biological basis for human nature. Anthropologists (and here I mean cultural anthropologists) look at social behaviour and something called ‘functionality’ of human behavior which isnt always biological.

    Relativism has probably been around – i dont know about the common sense part. I might argue that a certain people live a certain way coz its the ‘right’ thing to do. While studying functionality and relativism, you seek to understand what a particular behaviour or ritual may mean to a society – and in making judgements about whether it should be there or not – one can consider that point of its meaning to those people.

    There may be absolute truth for some things – for others its belief. Empirical truths – i dont know if they can justify the ‘right’ kind of social or individual behaviour.

    • Safiullah says:

      Why does my head hurt so bad?

      Well anyway… I checked Wikipedia on anthropology and yeah, I stand corrected, anthropology may have some biological and therefore “scientific” aspects to it.

      Ok, so the first rule of relativism, that there are no rights or wrongs… in absolute terms. Ergo any observer will come to a conclusion on his or her perspective (which may be ‘tainted’ with experiences or beliefs or whatever). Which leads us back to the the first, that relativism is again a philosophy, a belief if you will. Which denies its own self the right to be true just by saying that nothing can be absolutely right or wrong, true or false.

      Coming back to physical and social sciences thing, you see, relativity for physics does nt mean the destruction of absolutes, in fact it creates one new absolute (measured speed of light) while destroying others. Relativism (which mind you is a child of relativity itself) does nt have ANY absolutes whatsoever which is preposterous to some extents. Granted “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but there is always some absolute measurement to beauty as well to which all humanity can agree. Heck you said it yourself, there maybe absolute truths to some things

      Empirical truths not only justify but dictate the social and individual behavior, whether right or wrong. Not to go all psychological (I HATE psychology and psychologists, amongst other things). Our actions are almost always (the functional word being always, almost is just the relativistic part! Hehehe) based on experiences whether we remember them or not.

      Khair we are straying far away from my original point… We dont always need to define what we believe in or dont believe in, what ever works, goes. Be it Relativism, Absolutism, Formalism, or any other sort of ‘ism’s you can think of…. These are just words those fake intellectual people like to come up with in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. I hate people who read Kant and Hegel and quote them out of their asses like they are some very cool genius people. what they dont know is that their beliefs are dictated by another man, the one who wrote the book, which would lead to conformity just like the rest of the dumb society from which they want to set apart from.

      Khair now I m ranting again so I better stop. And forgive me if I said something rude during the rant.

  19. Naureen says:

    Hope your headache’s better.

    Our experiences do influence us, we have our own biases. I, though, believe that our experiences do not ‘taint’ our observations. I think your experiences shape your perception and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Our actions are not only shaped by our experiences but also the experiences of the consequences of those actions (e.g. how u feel, how others react, are u patrolled or monitored for it?)… i think there is basic conditioning going on here and i personally dont see a problem with that.

    Yes, for a person with bad experiences, its sad that their perception of the world changes towards the negative but human beings are resilient enough to ‘spring back’ – not always but i do believe we possess these abilities to a great extent.

    You may be right about not needing to define everything – sometimes its easier to just flow with life – however, its good to understand what goes – it thrills me sometimes – it may not be the same for everyone but i do believe we should try to understand the world and people around us – its fascinating to see different snapshots of reality – i think its the beauty if life.

    And this i can tell u, no matter how much u explore, no matter how much u seek to understand there will always be worlds unvisited and questions unknown. Thats the beauty of the human experience. I love the navigation though – as long as one does not set rigid conditions on explorations – its thrilling to let yourself go and explore.

    thats what i wanna do as an anthropologist – explore worlds and phenomenon (if u may call it that) – one cant let go of their biases completely but i do hold in higher regard a person who is aware of their biases and can see how it influences their perception.

    No matter what, we all have the ability to feel happy in life at different places. There are happy places unknown outside of u, there are places where no experiences can influence u but u reach those places after going thru the experiences. And they my friend are beautiful!

    • Ok not to get into an “Is NOT, Is TOO” debate here…
      But observations do taint our perception.. even our imagination or as some mind numbing philo-junkie puts it… our thoughts of things in themselves. Even our moral compass and our perception of right or wrong are dependent on observation.

      But yes, I would like to say its a egg or the chicken race when you look at it in the big picture. Sure all biases and /or actions are based on observation, but only at the root… something we might have experienced looooong ago… our subsequent actions and society/environment dictate how we are “brainwashed” into believing in THEIR moral compass rather than make our own, which leads to conformity and mediocrity but that is a whole other ball of wax. Our debate was about definitions… or rather our need to define and exclude, to keep things neat and tidy, black and white.

      So yes, we need to appreciate the beauty of life, understand people and their culture and where they are coming from… but defining it and labelling it turns it into a chemistry project rather than a human experience. So my point is when you turn something which deals with people into a science you are essentially draining the humanity out of it and therefore the fun and juicy bits.
      Yes, exploration and observation should be there when studying humans, but classification and generalizations should nt always be there.

      And dont get me started on happiness… I m a cynic by definition…. there we go again, defining stuff! Hahaha

  20. Naureen says:

    And for the record, i enjoyed this conversation and no, u didnt say anything rude 🙂

  21. enjoyed? as in past tense?

    Oh and if I have nt said anything rude yet… I will in the future… so watch out!

  22. Naureen says:

    🙂 haha about the past tense.. maybe 😛

    I think its safe to say that I dont really understand what u r saying anymore 😀 LOL

    Maybe its ok to let people be, you dont always define and generalize cultures – that was the past – u just observe them, get fascinated – come up with theories if u want but they wont hold for long. Just go, explore and come back 😛
    Thats what i think anthropologists do… maybe it is not a science because what u call a science (the chem experiement) sounds creepy u know!:P

    But i still do not think anthropology is psychology or is useless. i think it has great potential to understand worlds and hey, u may not be always able to defien what u understand. Such is the human experience!

    i think the point is not to generalize its to understand.

    Khair, about happiness… hmm u a cynic huh? lets not go into those definitions..

    And about being rude, its ok – I will kick ur butt when u do. So alls good 🙂

    • Dont worry, I myself dont understand some of the bullshit that comes out of my mouth/hands…

      And please dont take this as a sublime assualt against anthropology… and yes, the creepiness of the “science experiment” was my point (See? you did understand what I was saying!), that science is cold, precise and definite, while humanity and human nature is not. Turning it into a science is not just a bad idea but an insult to humanity.

      Sure anthropology and psychology are nt (completely) useless, but they should know their deficiencies and their bounds of application. Especially psychology should know the bounds and application of statistics! That statistical data is neither definite nor concrete… not everything is a democracy, where the majority rules always.

      I too think the point is not to generalize and to understand.

      And I ll try to stay clear of the butt kicking…. Thank you very much! (Did you know I was bullied by girls when I was little??? Maybe that has nt past yet!)

  23. Naureen says:

    LOL about the butt kicking! Waisay, I was also bullied by girls when i was a kid… thats something we might have in common!

    i have been bullying boys though since childhood!

    And I think i have understood your point to a certain degree! Amazing 🙂 u do make sense! 🙂

    Nice discussion as in present tense!

  24. ” And I think i have understood your point to a certain degree! Amazing u do make sense! ”

    Amazing that a stupid person can make sense?
    Haha Funnnnnnny!

    HEY I know I m a dumb person! You dont need to rub it in!!!

  25. Oh look I m being sarcastic!!!

    Wait, there I go again!

  26. And now I m being a total moron!

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