Oh I know I m sick…. but this time I m really sick…

My eyes are burning, my ears are red, my face is pale, I ache all over as if I ve been run down by a truck! And especially my neck and the back of my head for some reason, I think I have a slight fever, but I can find the energy to find a thermometer are measure it,  and I cant sleep. Last night when I did I woke up after half an hour. AND I NEVER HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING!!!! Something is VERY wrong.


10 Responses to sick

  1. H says:

    Have Joshanda.

  2. Leena S says:

    i am a fever for the past 7 days…now i cant eat anything, it all tastes…ummm…well bland
    but khair i hope u get well real soon…tumhain tou kaam kerna hai, main tou waili hoon

  3. anas imtiaz says:

    Get well soon man! I don’t advise ppl to see a doc so yeah u shud jst rest 😛

  4. Willco dude! thats what I intend to do!

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