My headaches are not fancy, I dont get migraines or any other name they might have for the various varieties of headache that are out there.  And I go completely out of whack when I m ill. I dont like taking medicine even though I come from a family of doctors.

So my current headaches come and go like electricity in karachi! And that is saying something! And when they come I cant do anything, not even think, its like brain paralysis. Heck I burned my hand while making chai for myself!

Ahh, these headaches make me want to be seventeen and a def leppard song (from their early years… although the later years are nt bad either, just a bit depressing, Pour some sugar on me compared to When love and hate collide, Foolin’ compared to Two steps behind, get what I mean?), When I actually thought I had the energy to change everything. And now I can even change my existence, Heck my headaches either!

Ok, here comes another one… so see you after a break.


18 Responses to headaches

  1. Full Moon says:

    You should take some pills or bang your head hard on the wall! 😉
    Either of ’em should work! 😛

  2. Believe the I have tried the latter, doesnt work!

  3. H says:

    You’re lacking either sleep or water. Yes, I look for natural remedies too.

  4. farooqk says:

    youre just sad. 😀

  5. Leena S. says:

    u are most probably thinking too much or are stressed out. take some time out to have a real break even if its just for a weekend

  6. Adesi says:

    ahhh so someone is walking my line 😛

  7. farooqk says:

    oye kidhar mar gayay ho?!

    • “mar gaya” means that I was alive in the first place… I dont have a life, meaning I was dead in the first place, meaning I cant die all over again. Or maybe I can.

      Khair Back from the dead.

  8. Full Moon says:

    Time for a new post! 😀

  9. Full Moon says:

    Not in the mood?
    So what?
    Still want one! 😛
    Now write 😦

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