Identity Crysis

I sooooo want to become a doctor right now! A medical doctor not the Phira howa Dimagh!

EDIT: Whatever you do, DONT! I repeat DONT! take stochastic signal processing as a project! And DONT GO TO GRAD SCHOOL! And dont leave work for the last week from the deadline! Boooo hooooo! I wanna get a job!!! sinfffffffff!

Seriously? Grad schools is for sissies, if you are so interested is doing research anyway, get a job in an R&D firm! You ll at least get paid for that grunt work! Ok this is NOT my frist rodeo, I have dont projects along…. correction project. I did my FYP alone, which meant the actual work plus the grunt work like making presentations, writing reports and no one to bitch to or shout at.

But this time around its different… This time much more is hanging in the balance, and time is running out for me. I have deadlines from my dad, my mom, my sup, me heck! even my roommates have given me a deadline!

I m overworked and dirty that is. But somehow I sleep peacefully at night, no more headaches or depression and all that jazz! So the is always a bright(er relative) side to things. I was discussing my paper with my sup the other day and I realized, I m not that bad at what I do. In one year I have finished my course work, wrapped up the hardware part of my project, and written two “well written” (thanks to one Mrs Rosheena whatever-her-lastname-is-now) reports and my sup realizes it! Believe me that is an ego boost especially in a grad school where you are at the very bottom of the ego pyramid!

I guess I have finally learned to appreciate the finer details in life… which would be a big upgrade for me! Kinda like switching from a Toshiba to a Macbook…. YES I have FINALLY got meself a Macbook.

Khair I m writing this post right now cuz I m waiting for it to be fajr time so I can pray and get soe sleep, cuz after this, its back to the lab! ANd look its already time!


10 Responses to Identity Crysis

  1. H says:

    And I sooo want to go to grad school!!!

  2. says:


    You can always go to med school after your Masters 😉

  3. Senilius says:

    No please no, logon ki lives se mat khelo!

  4. pinkkay says:

    it was so nice to see an improvement in your mood,( even if it was relative) 😛
    and mubarakaan on your Macbook 🙂
    its one of the things i’ll demand as a gift for clearing the damnn examn

  5. Full Moon says:

    I want to be a Doctor too. 12 years after high school! *sigh*

    Congrats for the MacBook! 🙂

  6. Thank you ladies, But since I m not going home (my flat) any time soon, its aint much use to me.

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