Working while doodling

The first one looks better on page than on the screen, I think I screwed up the tone settings and the contrast. Khair.

I ve been busy, places to go, people to meet.


10 Responses to Working while doodling

  1. H says:

    I didn’t know you had an artist in you!

  2. I have been posting “stuff” here for a while now. I guess I have nt posted stuff here since you started coming to the blog.

    Plus this blog has had two major overhauls so some of the stuff was taken off.

  3. Senilius says:

    I am SOOOOOOO glad you weren’t part of the Transformers team!

  4. pinkkay says: looks like the robot is wearing a sharara..(or gharara,whatever it is called) :mrgreen:

  5. Buy the time I got to the feet I was bored and wanted to finish it quickly…. So I did nt do much, made some curved lines…. but they ended up looking good.

  6. Huda says:

    Oh, WOW!
    I never saw this. 😮 It looks amazing! 😮

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