Year end report 2009

Pinky you owe me one for doing a stupid tag!

Khair, here it goes…


  • Started my Masters.
  • Got my iPhone
  • Learnt Verilog
  • Took one of the best courses I have taken as an engineer.
  • re-learned that I love living alone.
  • Met some really interesting people.
  • Made a fun trip to Munich.
  • Got a TA position teaching C to kiddies.
  • actually started to feel better about myself.
  • Had the adrenalin rush on a finished project TWICE in one year! Man that is a high unlike any other!
  • Learned to make chapatis
  • Made my first Saalan!
  • Realized that I need to be good to people who are supposed to be close to me.
  • Went to Langkawi, stayed at a 3 star hotel in a room with a view, got the chauffeur driven car (have had that before but, this was different)  and jetskied my heart out.
  • Realized I desperately need a job.


  • Realized there are somethings I just cant have in life.
  • wasted about 40 lakhs of my dads money on a whim.
  • 12 kags
  • re-learned the fact that I ll have to work twice as much as the nest guy to get where I want to be. Should have learnt it well the first time.
  • Lost my reading habit, and the ability to buy books.

19 Responses to Year end report 2009

  1. Senilius says:

    40 LAKHS? TEACH ME! 😮

  2. pinkkay says:

    err what is this “kags”?
    if its kgs, dont you think it should be in gains 😉

    & congrats for having a good year where your gains far exceeded your losses (waisay even that 40 lakh loss is your dad’s,not yours 😀 )

    • Oh you are going to be my F7 key now???

      No its rightfully in the losses category… Hey did nt say loses are a bad thing did I? Hey losses can be good too.

      Well some of them I did nt care to mention but yes, all in all, this year was a good year. And my Dad’s money is my money.

  3. says:

    You taught C? 😮

    Heh, another one added to my teachers list then 😮

  4. Leena S. says:

    how did you ‘waste’ 40 lakhs!!!??
    so it seems it was Masha Allah one good year for you 🙂

    • Haha… guess karo…

      Like I said, a good year. Lets hope it is not an exception, and the next one is as good if not better, Insha Allah!

      2009 WAS and what ever is left of it is an eventfull year.

  5. anas imtiaz says:

    Good year man! Inshallah the next ones will be even better! 🙂

    How come no one tagged me? :@ Or maybe someone did I’m just ignoring this blogging world..this post looked interesting in the reader

  6. Full Moon says:

    TA? 😮
    That’s nice! And it does seem like a good year. 😀 Masha’Allah.

  7. Naureen says:

    hey… why do u think u have to work twice as hard as the next guy?

    • Its again a long debate.

      Reason 1)
      I as a person, belong to a poor country which everyone hates, for some reason.

      People look at you differently when they hear that you are a Pakistani. And you can see that they are starting to judge you with the dogma that is in the air.

      After that, you have people who help out their countrymen, but we, sine we are so divided, we stand alone.

      Reason 2)
      Its also my fault. I made a wrong choice during my undergrad by taking it light and easy and got bad grades for it. So I have nothing to prove my worth on paper.

      Reason 3)
      My first impressions are fairly bad, I m an unkempt immature and weird person.

      So when I do have something to prove I do it by my work, not by looks or ethnicity or education. Thats something I can do like a mule without complain (to my boss, you guys are a different story). And I think I like it.

      Its made me a better person and a much better engineer than I would have been in the first place. Though I m not that good an engineer in the first place, but hey does nt really matter, cuz I love my work and I love doing it.

  8. Naureen says:

    by the way this dp u have here .. its really creepy 😛

  9. Naureen says:

    Wow. sounds like u know yourself really well!

    I think the first impression people get about me is that i talk a lot!

    (which is very true!) :p

    I like ur attitude towards work. I believe work takes you far … its a good mobilizing force and the way u say u love ur work – thats wow too!

    U know they say, doing what u love is a blessing.

    I hope i get to do that.

    • Sorry yaar for the late reply… I ve been crazy busy!

      Well they say, “Know yourself, know your opponent and know your environment and you ll win a thousand battles.”

      But then the underlying reasons may be different. Maybe I like my work…. Oh I m not earning anything for my “work” right now, just to clarify, because I dont have a life. Its the beautiful, or the brilliant or the rich who have that. Us plain, normal and mediocre people have to work our asses off to make ends meet. Its not fair but its the way of the world. You can like it and live your life slightly content, or you can bitch about it…. I tend to do both!

  10. says:

    I commented before but I forgot to say this:

    2009 sucked. -_-

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