Open question

Do I have an attitude problem?


8 Responses to Open question

  1. pinkkay says:

    that depends on how you define “attitude”.you dont belittle people,you do NOT exhibit a condescending behaviour, you hardly ever glorify yourself..NO,you dont have any major problem 😉
    oh haan but at times you do appear a little bored with people’s (petty) problems expressed on their blogs..which sort of contradicts the whole point of attention-seeking posts 😀 so you just need to come across as a bit more attentive 😛
    no, wait, you dont have to…you are fine the way you are..our own lil Mr.Nasty Safi 🙂

  2. Leena S. says:

    no, u dont!
    u just say wat u think and thats honesty, mite not always be politically correct but at least everyone knows wat to expect from you

  3. Haha why do your comments make me laugh?

    most people would not agree with you on belittling, condescending and glorifying fronts… But lets get past that. People think I m arrogant and moronic. (which is saying I m stupid… Ok I get stupid).

    But does that constitute an attitude problem? Thats the debate.

    And I dont mind change, as long as its better for me… And most of the time, I m very attentive, I dont comment on people’s problems, as I think they are intelligent enough to find a solution themselves, and whatever I say is going to be a waste of space. so khair.

    You know what they call a person whose tongue is directly tied to their brain??? Ok lets forget that! I m going to mortify myself saying that!

    But does nt that constitute an attitude problem… nobody wants to hear the truth, they want to hear how great they are and how lovely they look and how awesome are the things they do and how…. Argh you get the point. And a person who calls the bluff is the asshole who cant learn to keep his mouth shut, ergo attitude problem!!!

  4. anas imtiaz says:

    that even a question? dude u knw the answer! 😛

  5. hhahahahahahahahahha – this is so funny
    i can’t believe i missed all this!

    hahahahhaha – yes i’m still laughing

  6. Dude! Why are you looking up past post??? Live in the present… ergo not much!

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