Look what they do to one of my favorite songs!!!!

This is the riginal…. vulgar and raw! Big ass with balls!

Now this is the sanitized version….

Ok shania twain singing you shook me all night long is hot… But wait till you see this

Now this is blasphemy!!!! Celine Dion turning a Metal song into a mushy pop song!!!! WHAT HAS SHE DONE!!!! I M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT THIS!!!!!

To get the bad taste out of the mouth I ll leave you with this



  1. Leena S. says:

    i cant believe that celine dione even tried singing something like that

  2. Yeah… my sentiments exactly!

    The fun part was her duck walk…. Angus dong it looks fun and dorky, but she doing was like…. horrible! Imagine flamingo trying to be a duck!

    But I have seen the worse! Back in Black’s cover by shakira! Now that was REALLY horrid!

    Hard rock and heavy metal should nt be touched by pop people! Especially the classics! Lets hope britney spears does nt turn up singing ace of spades!

  3. Naureen says:

    Update ur blog.

    Waisay, Shania Twain is awesome!

  4. a) Have nt really heard Shania Twain as much so I cant comment, but in this video she looks hot, does nt make the song sound better, but then I m a AC/DC fan!

    b) Look whose talking! HEY! You dont update your blog either!!! Ok I ve been busy, or rather completely waila and sleep and eat all day and dont feel like doing much.

    c) Happy now? did a post for you!

  5. Naureen says:


    a) Shania Twain is awesome alright!! do listen to her songs!!

    b) Yeh i am the one talking! Just updated my blog! I can relate to the waila stage – i have been waila and eat and rest and watch series!! My laptop’s charger got kharaboofied! And man, do i feel handicapped!!

    c)VERY happy to c a new post. Infact, I was wondering whether MAC wud be a good investment. After reading ur post, I want a mule not a ferrari 🙂

    Keep posting and keep visitng my blog 🙂

    • a) I heard shania twain, sure she is HOT and has a great voice, but WHO THE HECK SINGS ABOUT SHOES!!!

      b) I dont count a fat post as a reall posts…. they sound like pity parties, which is what you ve been doing for a while now, no offense. They kinda spoil my mood.

      c) Good comment on IT then! AND NO BODY WANTS A MULE!!! They get one cuz they need one.

      Wow…. what are you? a marketing manager??? Did I tell you I dont like managers??? Maybe I did nt…. I DONT LIKE MANAGERS!!!

      Hehehehe… And THAT we me being half the ass that I am!

  6. naureen says:

    Bohat lambi zabaan hai tumhari!! Hm pity posts?
    Really? They spoil ur mood? Its kinda lame :p chalo I’ll do a happy post soon!
    Waisay, u seem to hate everythhing. Kuch pasand bhi hai tumhe :p

    • Hahahaha!
      Meri bilkul “daraaz” Zaban hai….
      And they dont spoil my mood so much as make me think about things I really dont want to think about.

      Well, I like a lot of things and I hate a lot of things, if I dont usually talk about the things I like, does nt mean I dont like them….

      I LOVE strawberry ice cream…. does that answer your question?

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