The age old debate

Yes…. Macs vs PC, and now that I own both I can pass a judgement.

The debate is the most over-rated debate of all.

Here is what put it in perspective.

PCs + Windows:


  • Ranging from dirt cheap to bloody expensive.
  • Windows Vista SUCKED, Windows 7 ROCKS.
  • You can find stuff very easily
  • You can find help easily
  • Engineer’s Heaven
  • Gamer’s Heaven


  • A bitch to Configure.
  • Shit screws up more readily. Though Windows 7 Rarely does.
  • Viruses…. Get Malwarebytes anti-Malware and update and run it once a week. DUH?!

Mac OS X


  • Works great with hardware,
  • Looks fabulous
  • Its a fashion statement
  • Great Applications
  • Great UI


  • OLD version of word, Word 2008 for mac amounts to Word XP!
  • Apps are slightly harder to find and harder to get.
  • Windows 7 is almost as great in UI.
  • Hardware is bloody expensive.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets talk reality, I mean more reality than this. Well Mac is like a ferrari, its a rich man’s way of saying I work too. It works great out of the box, sure but you still have to install Office, and you, Sure You get nifty gadgets but you pay loads to get em.

PCs are the poor man’s workhorse, or rather a mule.Sure, they crash, they are bloody hard to use, You want to bang your head on them and shove them out of the window… or just simply chuck the windows bit, if you can use Linux (Kubuntu/Ubuntu ROCKS), and sure You dont feel a connection with them. But when you need shit done, you need to run simulations, you need to develop games or anything for that matter, you use a PC, or rather windows. And finally Since Windows 7, its getting a whole lot easier to use a PC too.

But yes, You ll always love your mac, There is something personal about it. Its the culmination of hardware and software at their very best. You can use them for hours and hours and you still want to keep using them. But they are bloody expensive, the cheapest one costs about a thousand bucks US, and a comparable PC laptop would be almost as good, But the “almost” is the bit where the difference lies, with a PC lappy you get a standard single touch pad, a cluncky keyboard with a lot of stickers, a big screen and loads of USB slots and a display port, a carry bag and what not. This a mac, you dont even get a display port, you get a multipurpose firewire thing to which you need to put in adapter cables to connect to a projector, and if you include the price of all these accessories that make it comparable to a PC lappy, it ll cost you dearly (about 1300 bucks US dearly!), you get few USB slots, a smaller screen and a very plain looking keyboard and not mouse buttons, with a prehistoric office suite if you can a) afford it or b) criminal enough to get a pirate copy and equally prehistoric games…. and you know what? Thats what is brilliant about it. you use that small screen so efficiently combined with that awesome multitouch pad you do the same amount of work in shorter time, its does nt hang up, and dont pop stupid messages every now and then, the interface is uncluttered and accessible, even that old word feel good to use. You dont have to do stupid configurations and dont even have to go to stupid forums to get your problems sorted out, the iLife suit is awesome, and iWork has brilliant looking templates.

So it all comes down to money, if you have it, go buy a mac, if you dont, stick to a PC

Or if you are an engineer like me, buy a PC and get kubuntu…. Thats the way the rock stars do it! Or better yet, get both, then you ll have one big happy family!


17 Responses to The age old debate

  1. robinzrants says:

    I use the Ubuntu variant called “xubuntu” which screams on my older hardware. Speed and ease, simplicity and power. And ideal for this non-geeky boy, too! I wrote a li’l rant about its awesomeness here at

  2. Anas Imtiaz says:

    I will read in detail and then comment 😛

  3. Full Moon says:

    Guess what! I went to Apple store today. Saw the Macbook Pro, drooled over it, and came back. 😦

    Well, I bought an iTouch for my sister as her birthday present. 😉

  4. Bricwall says:

    kubuntu is hardly stable and could make for a very bad publicity. Take my tip and switch to

  5. Leena S. says:

    i so totally agree with you that Mac is like a rich man’s way of saying that I work too. I go to best denki every now and then and instead of getting the stuff that i need, i keep drooling over MacBook Air. I dont think Pasha plans to buy that for me any time soon 😛

    • Hahahah! Yeah, we hardly disagree so I guess this would nt be any different. But Specs wise, the Air is over-rated, it looks and is too cool to be true.

      And Macs have their share of problems too. With an all white plastic body, they turn yellow, the older ones had a problem with the integrated webcam and the audio in/out jack.

      But like I said, if you have money and if you are in the market to buy a lappy get a macbook or a macbook pro. (The pro does nt have somne of the problems like turning yellow like the macbook, but they are bloody expensive too.)

  6. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Ok now I read it. Which one did you buy?

    Im planning to buy something in the coming days…just not sure whether its worth it to shell out the huge amount

  7. Naureen says:

    Whatever it is, i love apple ke laptops ke colors!

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