Utter crap!!!

I finally got the courage and bought a few books… whihch had nothing to do with engineering. Well thats not entirely true, but hey, no harm in a lil engineering, is there?

Khair I bought, one novel by robert ludlum, two Dan Brown books which were long ago recommended to me by someone, and Discourses. Now I have read a little off the latter but I do want to finish it. But that ll come later, cuz four chapters later, I lost my appetite to read…. Well I was nt reading Discourses to be fair, I read Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress… and I coming from a computing background, its just utter crap!

I like the Angel & Demons and Da Vinci Code simply cuz I knew nothing about secret societies and all that jazz. But computing, I know a fair bit about, and its not an intriguing read at all. I dont mean to say I dont understand or agree with the book. Just that I taught kiddies about RSA encryption last semester and the book even does have that three letter word! *sorry* acronym! The book just does nt have that authentic feel to it the other books had! Khair. I ll have a hard time reading past chapter 5… Maybe I should try the ludlum book, but I m sure it wont either be any intriguing. Maybe I have grown out of reading novels…. Maybe I should go straight to Discourses…. That I m sure is a GREAT book, maybe not legendary as its predecessor, but great!

P.S: The ass who recommended these books, if you are reading this, GO TO HELL!!! YOU WASTED 40 bucks of my precious meagre allowance!!!! Check this out



7 Responses to Utter crap!!!

  1. Huda says:

    I really wanna know who recommended the books! 😛

  2. Its a buddy of mine. Does nt blog.

  3. farooqk says:

    ajeeb se aadmi ho! 😛

  4. Naureen says:

    i wonder how the novel by robert ludlum is!

  5. why would you read dan brown?


    read Marching Powder by Rusty Young.

    Its a bit slow off the mark but when you get hooked, you have DREAMS about it!

  6. I have, good book. And I have dreams about everything…. these days its Crysis and the nanosuit! Boy, I gotta invent one of those!!!

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