You ungrateful GIT!!!

I got a job offer a week back, exactly a week back to be precise. I cant say it was a dream job, heck I cant say if it was a great job but it WAS a PAID job, unlike the one I have right now, which pretty much entails complaining all the time.

I had two options.

  1. Comvert my masters from full-time to part-time and get the job.
  2. Complete my masters and THEN get the job.

Sounds easy enough, but really it is nt. What I learned that I ‘d be working like a mule which meant I would nt be able to work on my thesis which is really the only thing on my mind these days, and apply for a work permit which are slightly harder to come by these days. Well all in all, I had to turn the offer down, cuz they really wanted me to join ASAP, which I could nt with thesis and the project. Ah well, back to dreaming about getting paid….

Ya Allah I wish I had a scholarship!


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