Interesting Conversation

…dont we all love to be the devil’s advocate…. just cuz of the hot chicks in the recess area!

Friend who’s a chick: Men are so shallow!

Me: Why are you telling me?

Yada- yada-yada

Friend who’s a chick: But why????

Me: Believe me sister… you want men to be shallow. Cuz if men were nt shallow, all woman on earth would nt be able fit the bill. Then you’ll have to start looking for men on Venus! Hahaha.

Khawateen lut le ke aik he cheez ke peechhe kion parhi howi hain intihah-e-waqt se???


5 Responses to Interesting Conversation

  1. farooqk says:

    haha smartass 😛

  2. H says:

    It’s probably this report I’m working on that’s eaten up half my brain cells, but I didn’t really get that. I’ll just say ‘be normal’ <-applies to both female friend and you.

  3. Nah… its not the report….

    Its a guy thing… Want me to explain???

    And normal is so over-rated.

  4. H says:

    Yes, normal is over-rated. And no, I would not like an explanation :p

  5. No what am I going to doo with you agreeing with me!!! Haha…

    Good! People would think I have started to trip on the guy code explaining guy stuff to a chick!

    So whats this report about anyway?

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