Unstained and uncorrupted

I dont like most literature, the people who write it nor the people who read it. The guy who said one’s best friend is a book was an idiot with no social life. Frankly people, especially now, who read and write, do so for the praise and the social status. Just like money is the indicator for the rich, art has become the indicator of the literate and the intellectual. And like most indicators, this indicator give false positives, more so than the usual. To find a true intellectual you ll have to go to such depths in a person’s thoughts that you ‘ll find an intellectual in even the dumbest person you might know, Everyone is an intellectual, literally. Thus there is NO litmus test for it in reality. But the social norms and what not need one, otherwise the fake people would actually have to do the grunt work for actually being the intellectual. Which obviously they dont want to. They want that label as a commodity, much like everything else in the consumer society of today. In essence our society taints everything good, turns into a joke while trying to make it more “accessible”. We have tainted courage, brilliance, beauty, strength, perseverance and all that was great about this world.

You whom the kings saluted; who refused not
The one great pleasure of ignoble days,
Fame without name and glory without gossip,
Whom no biographer befouls with praise.

They shall not storm the last unfallen fortress,
The lonely castle where uncowed and free,
Dwells the unknown and undefeated warrior
That did alone defeat Publicity.

We really need more unsung heroes, intellectuals and the beautiful people, untainted and uncorrupted.


14 Responses to Unstained and uncorrupted

  1. farooqk says:

    abay kia keh riya hai?! 😛

    wese yeh hero shero scene off hogaya hai, aajkal sab potty kay bachay hain 😀

  2. Han. Thats exactly what I m saying. And thats exactly what we need.

  3. khansama says:

    Nice. That gives me hope. Im gonna go rummaging for my intellect now.
    Jokes aside…well said

  4. Eh nice of you to drop by!

    Yeah rummaging for that is something we ought to do more!

  5. Leena S. says:

    i guess there are a lot of things that many ppl would do just to fit in not cuz they enjoy doing all that

  6. You do have a knack for summarizing stuff do you? make me look bad! Hahaha!

  7. H says:

    So the people who write under a pen name or under anonymous are the real intellects? Those that don’t want to recognized? Isn’t that because of humility though?

  8. Leena S. says:

    @ safi

    @ H
    i have been an anonymous blogger for a while and i never did it out of humility…but then I suck at writing so i cant really be proud of it

  9. @H:
    In my opinion, humility is a part of intellect, Its the first think you learn when you start to think about the world. And even if you dont, the reason why does nt matter, what matters is that social acclaim taints everything, it turn everything into an amplification of itself rather than morph into something which is guided by the pursuit of a goal.

    Oh so you are trying to say you are humble (…but then I suck at writing so i cant really be proud of it) and that you ARE an intellectual! Hahahaha! Very sly! You know too much humility is nt good either! Nothing is good in extremes, and juding by the amount of comments as well as the people making them, I ‘d say your writing (So as not to flatter you, Ummmmmm?) does nt suck. And even IF it did, it NOT about the writing, its about the content.

  10. @H:
    Lady, you need to know something while you read my blog, HALF the time… correction… most of he time, I dont know what I am saying and what am I trying to say and how am I saying it… and believe me, I dont have a shred of humility in me, so this aint a belittling act either! Hahaha. Khair the point is, dont read to much into it, Sure as hell dont believe IT, cuz then I ll be damned for sure!

    Just have a laugh and have fun, that what I do.

  11. H says:

    That’s what everyone does when they write blogs. That’s what everyone should be doing atleast, no?

    hahahaha <- that's me laughing and having fun 😀

  12. What does everyone do when the write blogs again?

  13. H says:

    You totally crack me up! lol

    ‘HALF the time… correction… most of he time, I dont know what I am saying and what am I trying to say and how am I saying it… and believe me, I dont have a shred of humility in me, so this aint a belittling act either!’

    Most of us write not knowing what we’re trying to say. Hence the comments section. Hence our virtual friends leaving their opinions for us.

  14. Hey in most people’s defense, they dont know what they are TRYING to say, me? I have NO idea what I m saying. Like right now? I have no idea what the last sentence actually meant. I figured, if I said it, I might either look like a genius, or a ridiculous fool… either way that would be an upgrade!

    And besides ideas and opinions are subjective. You need to know what other people think about that idea or opinion in order for it to let evolve into something stable. Is nt that how evolution works?

    And yeah yeah, I m a laughing stalk…. keep at it…. I crack myself up too! Hahaha

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