There is this drive at NTU on bipolar disorder or something or the other, and I was reading up on it. IF the definition is correct, I and everybody I know would be mental!!! Hahahaa…. OK I MIGHT very well be mental, but the whole wide world and everybody I know cant be.

Khair… IF I m bipolar, I really dont want to be anything else, cause frankly it gives me the energy to do what I do, so what if I get manically obsessed at times and depressed as hell at times! I have fun, EVEN when I m depressed, Heck especially when I m depressed…. Ok then I m not really depressed, am I??? Woooo hooo I just undiagnosed my “non-existent” bipolar disorder! Psychology SUCKS!!!!! Psychology can go kick itself in the nuts and shove its own dick up its ass!!!!  Hahahahaha!!!

Khair speaking of drives, my other sensor just crapped, I m down to one sensor AGAIN! I was so bloody close!!!! Argh!


11 Responses to HyperDrive

  1. Full Moon says:

    I didn’t get any of this. 😦

  2. Leena S. says:

    ummmm that was one paradoxical post!

  3. H says:

    hahahaha <- that's me laughing and having fun 😀


  4. @farooqk: Dumbass!

    @H: You are easily pleased… ummm made to laugh and made to have fun (?), arencha?!

  5. how much spam did you get on this post?

  6. Same as much as you get for being my F7 key! Hahahaha

  7. wth? that doesnt even make any sense?

  8. Oh forget it…. I misread your comment.

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