I am the black sheep in the family…. actually I m the rodent in the family of, I dont know, lions or something…. you get the picture. Me and my parents live by completely different philosophies.There was a time when I tried very hard to fit in…. VERY HARD! Now the thing with my parents is that THEIR philosophy keeps shifting like jelly under a spoon, to which I really cant keep up. And the worse happens when my parents try to control me. Because I go in a direction that is not tangent, but in a completely different dimension when it come to decisions.

Now I dont hate my parents, I respect them completely. So much so that most of the times I obey them, or will up the courage to obey them…. and frankly, I ‘d be the ungrateful ass that I m if I did nt. But the thing that I cannot understand for the life of me, is that why WHY cant they realize the fact that I dont agree with THEIR damn philosophy!!!! Why cant we just agree to disagree… believe me, if they’d prder me to do something, I ‘d to it without question. period. But what they want me to do is be happy and agree with what they want!!! Now that CANT happen, ever.

Now I m tired.


10 Responses to Argh

  1. H says:

    ouch. brain hurts?

  2. More like ego!

    My brain hurts almost all the time, thats nothing new.

  3. Leena S. says:

    i guess you will be doing the same with your kids 😛
    anyway, seriously speaking, do u need to talk?

  4. Haha… as far as people go, I aint the possessive kind… ok maybe a little. But no, IF I ever have kids, I ll let em run wild! Hahaha!

    Why? You offering to let me eat your brain? ECKHHH!

  5. Leena S. says:

    lol….u have my number, call me up wenever u feel like having some brain masala 😛

  6. Woah! You actually willingly what to put up your brain for grabs??? You on any mind-altering drugs or something???

    Oh…. and did I tell you I…. dont like…. brain masala! I mean the real brain masala, gives me the creeps!

  7. Senilius says:

    Boy oh boy, you and I live in the same dimension! 😉

  8. Yeah… all black sheep live in the same dimension.

  9. Senilius says:

    Hahahahahaha, I’m black but not a sheep. 😉

  10. ooooooooooooooh i see someone’s annoyed!
    i want the goss! 😀

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