Come up with your own friggin name for this!

Damn…. I just realized I m going to miss university once I start my job!

I dont miss my first university… two of my fellow victims would agree, SAWJ and Absar. We dont miss PNEC, it was the worst experience of our lives. but we do miss the company.

NTU is a different story, I really wont miss the people here, frankly cuz I dont know many and we hardly share anything common, though there are a few exceptions. But the place, I ll miss it very much…. I already miss my time on campus. I was the most fun I ve had living alone.


16 Responses to Come up with your own friggin name for this!

  1. Senilius says:

    Awww…poor you! Won’t they let you draw gay, naked robocops in office?

  2. Full Moon says:

    You’re done with your Masters? 😮 :$

  3. H says:

    Is the job in the same city?

    P.s last line – *It <- sorry can't help it.
    *runs away*

  4. Leena S. says:

    at least u’l be living somewhere in the city center and not in the farthest end of it…or u wont be?

    • Nope, I ll probably move to the other end of the city! Isse kehte hain, Aassman se tupke, khajoor main atke! My ‘office’ is at Bedok which is almost at Changi. But it would be a bitch to find a run down, cheap HDB near that place.I would nt mind a place in between, but then again, those would be friggin’ expensive… not everyone can afford a condo, especially a poor materialistic dipshit like me!!! Hahaa!

  5. Anas Imtiaz says:

    jab paise aane lagenege to u’ll not worry abt missing uni 😛

  6. says:

    You’re almost done? Wow. 😀

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