Alhamdu’l’Illah Alhamdu’l’Illah Alhamdu’l’Illah!!!! Right now I m ecstatic, I could shout this on top of my lungs!!!

MY ALGORITHM seems to work!!! And the sensitivity to robustness ratio seems to have found a real sweet spot! Ahhhhhh! Now all I have to do is write the code for the post-processing module and an app to test it! Masha’Allah Things seems to be on track!

Right now I feel like yapping about this…. what I did and how I did it… boast a bit if you will, but I wont, I dont want to jinx it.

Hello, Allah, protect my work from the randomness and chaos of your creation, the nature,, and give me the the good fortune and the ability to finish this in the best possible manner. Amen.

P.S: I ll be posting the videos soon. Right now I need sleep! I ve been at it for 36 hours straight and right now this seat does nt feel comfortable at all!


19 Responses to Alhamdu’l’Illah

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Made no sense 😮 But I can understand the ecstasy 😀 Looking forward to details.

  2. Leena S. says:

    oye mubarak ho!! seems like you are really close to completing ur mphil masha Allah 🙂

    • Thank you! Why why the heck do you keep calling it mphil? What is mphil exactly?

      Khair my degree, if you want to call it that, is an M.Eng short for Masters of (or in) Engineering, which is sorta misleading cuz the M.Eng in the USA means an industrial oriented practical degree, sort like a glorified Postgraduate diploma. Here its a bit of a different ball game altogether. You have to do a research thesis, which makes it a Choo Choo ka murrabba, Its long enough that a PhD would have been a better option with the amount of research and all, and non-coursework-like enough to not be a proper MS.

  3. Specs says:

    Oooh, I understand what you’re talking about!
    Bu yippee anyways! 🙂 Congratulations!

  4. #include

    bool g_seen_before_flag;

    void reply_func ( string arg_out_str )
    if ( !g_seen_before_flag )
    str_reply = “Welcome to my nightma……. this blog. \n”;

    str_reply += “Mainu Pubjabi thori bolee te tussi na sumjhin??? Thanks, but congradulate me when I am really done, cuz in the words of Philosopher Scott, “Its a Long way, to the top, If you wanna Rock’n Rooooooooollllllll! \n”

    str_reply += ” And yes I am a freak… and I ‘d put a smiley here, but that would be against my Mo!\n”;

    /*And if you are new here, dont mind me being an ass, cuz I m one!*/

  5. H says:

    The day you turn in your thesis is the day you will actually sleep – the real kind of sleep – not this fake, disturbing, algorithm thinking sleep.

    Ameen and alhamdullilah 😀

  6. pinkkay says:

    Allah safi ko humaisha yunhi hansta muskrata rakhay 😛

    i know its weird..but i only accept and issue prayers in urdu 😀 i don’t doubt God’s ability to understand other languages, its just,,dunno what

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