Deus Ex Machina

The Latin phrase “deus ex machina” comes to English usage from Horace‘s Ars Poetica, where he instructs poets that they must never resort to a god from the machine to solve their plots. He refers to the conventions of Greek tragedy, where a crane (mekhane) was used to lower actors playing gods onto the stage. The machine referred to in the phrase could be either the crane employed in the task, a calque from the Greek “god from the machine” (“ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός,” apò mēkhanḗs theós), or the riser that brought a god up from a trap door. Although this phrase is somewhat diluted in transliteration as earlier in history, the phrase “god from the machine” implies the old use of mechanical manipulation, i.e. to be made with one’s hands. So if there were a more generally accurate way of translating deus ex machina into English, it would be “god from our hands” or “god that we make”, implying that the device of said god is entirely artificial or conceived by man.


Light is a fascinating thing, usually considered a force of good, often incorrectly so. Light is reality. Even scientifically speaking light is what allows us to observe and measure…. that which is observable and measurable i.e. reality. So if light is the greatest tool of God/Allah, which is evident from that phrase “let there be light”, and “Kun” meaning happen…. or if elaborated happen spontaneously (Scientifically, the most basic spontaneous ‘event’  that can occur in nature is the emission of quanta of energy otherwise known as photons or light), then why do we expect Him to be a force of good? Cuz if he was just that, He ‘d be tipping the balance of good an evil in the direction of good, would nt he? No, He is not “good” in the literal sense of the term. He is reality and equilibrium. (Sure He does listen to our prayers and accommodate us within the wheels and cogs of the universe. Hahaha)

The god we, actually anybody who does believe in one or many or whatever, is not the real God/Allah. That god is a do-gooder romantic who has nothing better to do than to listen to us whine and be our genie so to speak. A god created by our hands, a god who is fallible and thus not a god at all. The REAL God or Allah is infallible, not by the rules of men, but by the laws of Physics. In essence He is the universe itself.

What we WANT god to do is be at our beck and call and solve all our problems just because we deem ourselves pious and what not, which is not just unjust, but preposterous. Thus the god we all believe in is the god of injustice and frankly a disaster waiting to happen. The real God/Allah is about justice, or equilibrium if you will, according to the laws of universe whatever they maybe, and does nt abide by our desires and will.

Now the god that we have built for ourselves is, I have to admit, a GREAT idea to believe in. IF only that were true. Cuz if it were, the graph of effort versus gain would be a straight vertical line at x = 0, there is a math reference for ya! Haha! Now lets look at the graph for that effort versus gain, it is a exponential graph. So you see, getting born and dying is the easiest of all. then there is the loser life style, then the marginally successful life where you get some education, get a job, get married, have kids, and somewhere down the line, die. All these are well below the knee of the curve. To really make a difference in this world, and make a somewhat lasting mark, the effort required is exponent to the gain that you want, which is pretty steep. And the definition of effort here is pretty specific. Which exactly means toiling and and working for that gain, and not that stroke of ‘creativity’ or ‘genius’. What we call creativity and genius is really just finding a shortcut for our way to what we want, a quick fix. To actually creat that magic wand rather than using it, is what separates effort from a quick fix, and there lies the difference. Ironically we all want to use that magic wand rather than creating it…. and thus all we do is settle for is something below the knee of the curve, believing in the false god that we believe in to help us. The reality or the REAL God smites us down with His light for our infidelity in REALITY and puts us back in our place.

Only those who believe in that REAL God or reality get to make the effort required for the gain above the knee of the curve, and only a smaller percentage of those get to pass that. It IS a cruelly just world the that REAL God or Allah created. All we can pray for is that we filter through those grinding wheels of His universe and come out of it unscathed by the enticing propositions of that false god that we have built for ourselves and leave the rest to Him to get us past the knee of the curve.

I am NOT making any sense to myself….. I better get some sleep.


9 Responses to Deus Ex Machina

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    So glad I read the last line first. Saved time 😛

  2. Divaa Divine says:

    wowww!! itni depth!

    soch mein? raat ko?

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm kuch ghalat khaya tha?

    • Hey you could have mocked me with a bit more finese!!! Hahaha

      I had a great karhai last night so I dont think that is the case… I think it really was the lack of sleep, excess of pissed-off-ness!

  3. MAK says:

    So ur algo still working …. right????

  4. H says:

    So I think what you’re trying to say is that God helps those who help themselves and that we shouldn’t be dependent on things to just happen on their own aka live in fantasy land just dua-ing?

    • Something like that, and maybe one step further. Our concept of ‘god’, Muslim or Christian, even the Atheists and what nots have this notion of ‘god’ being our personal assistant for all things life! Which is wrong on so many levels.

      Compared to the whole of this universe, we are but a spec. we dont have control over the better part of our lives much less the universe, and we think we all get that control by getting on the good side of an imagined high being. (Na’auzu’bi’Illah, May Allah forgive me if I said something wrong).

      The true God/Allah, is… as they say in Urdu…. Be-Niaz, He does nt need anything from us. He does nt bend his universe/will just because we re trying to get in His good books. (Although that does nt mean He is nt willing to accomodate). Karma is a load of crap, if you believe in such a thing. Bad things happen to Good people too, whatever may be the reason.

      What God rewards is hard work and toil, not prayers and some guy sitting on a Mussallah praying for things to fall in his lap. Once we realize this FACT, we ll actually start praying the right way, i.e. without the false hope of a bounty and with the true hope of Him accommodating us by “setting the stars in alignment” when He deems fit.

    • Oh and thank you reading my bullshit…. Just dont go on believing in it!!!!

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