Of hypocrisy and assholes

Well this post is simple. People are hypocrites, and they are thus assholes. I would know, I m one of them.

Our lives are like a zero mean Signal. L~N(0,s). Where L is life, N is the functional symbol for a normal distribution, and s (or sigma) is the standard deviation defining this particular ‘bell’ curve. Now normally we have small ups and downs that come our way, thats noise. But every now and then there comes a huge spike, thats when something really good or really bad happens, depending on the direction of the spike.

Our principles, whether we are christians, muslims, atheists, agnostics, what have you, and therefore religion applies only to the spikes, thats when we become all pious and ethical. Such is the case for some people like me. Then there are those who apply their principles to their normal noisy times, but chuck their princples into the trashbin when there comes a spike. Now I cant decide which are better. But in reality both are hypocrites by definition.

The only people who are nt really hypocrites are people who realize this fact or dont give a rats ass i.e. assholes.I wish I was one is those. Heck maybe I am one of them.


17 Responses to Of hypocrisy and assholes

  1. Anas Imtiaz says:

    True. Completely agree with you.

  2. Leena S. says:

    we all tend to bend our rules every now and then

    • That would be an understatement! We tend to BREAK our rules more often than not, and we alway find an excuse to put our hearts at ease, that we only bent the rules due to such and such circumstances.

      You know, they say the devil is in the details. Now I realize why they say that! because we find excuses in those details.

  3. H says:

    *Sits down to ponder on post*

  4. farooqk says:

    havent been taking your pills lately have?

    shadi kab hai? 😛

  5. farooqk says:

    havent been taking your pills lately have u?

    shadi kab hai? 😛

  6. farooq is so insensitive.

    re your post: its true hey, you are a bit of a prick…

  7. Divaa Divine says:

    i think i m the odd one out here – i make my own rules and they never bend 😀

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