Of weddings and hospitals

I Ha….. Detest! DETEST!!!! Weddings and hospitals!

So here is what happened this week.

I got married on the 16th.

I got sick on the 17th, falling to gastroentritis (acute stomach ache, fever, diherea, nausea, etc etc suffice it to say it was nt pretty) .

I had my valima on the 18th….. I went straight from the hospital (where I was admitted) to the lawn, where I was sweating profusely in the traditional karachi heat.

I got sick again on the 19th, and was taken to Agha Khan on the morning of 20th, where I was admitted till the 24th.

How’s that for a shitty week! Try beating that!


24 Responses to Of weddings and hospitals

  1. pinkkay says:

    your poor wife!

  2. oh dear there goes the honeymoon in Hospital, too bad I hope you will get better soon and the later life will compensate for this little fiasco in big big way.

    I just can’t stop thinking about it as I m going to get married in couple of months 😛

  3. Anas Imtiaz says:

    Dude you freaked out!!!! 😮

    HAHA! 😀

    Congratualtions, again! Hope you have a great married life 🙂

  4. Leena S. says:

    i agree with anas! i was pretty much like that on my wedding….not as bad that I had to be admitted to a hospital but having to go to the washroom 38 times in 15 hours aint pretty at all 😛
    But khair, I hope this has prepared u well for everything that comes ahead 😉 so how’s sheema doing? i am sure she must have had a tough time with you being in the hospital during the first few days of the wedding.

    • Ummmm your case was much different than mine, I was great on my wedding and the day after my wedding. I got sick after the first “Dawat”! And it was nt because of the food, it was because of the water. And I did nt need to go to the washroom, I was wreathing in pain! It was like my guts were on fire!

  5. farooqk says:

    W U S S !!!!!

    hahahahaha i so shouldnt have missed your shadi! 😛

  6. H says:

    That’s one unique story. Congrats on getting married and getting through all of that :s

  7. Umm congratulations?

  8. Minerva says:

    lol. fantastic way to start a new life. 😛

    mubarak ho!

  9. you have GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!

    err… pardon the pun

    how are you now? my goodness boy!

  10. says:

    But weddings are so much fun 😦

    I’ve been so shaadi depreived 😛

    And hope you’re feeling better.

    Btw, can I haz the password of the latest post 😮

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