My grandfather, Abdul-Qaadir Hasan Khan passed away on Saturday 4th of September, 2010. He was 78 years old. Please remember him in your prayers if you can. May Allah give him peace.

Thank you.


12 Responses to Obituary

  1. H says:

    Truly, to Allah we belong to Him we shall return.
    May Allah grant your grandfather Jannat-al-firdous iA.

  2. pinkkay says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun..
    Allah mian unki maghfarat karay aur unhain jannat main fit si jag dai

    he was your nana, right?

    • Yes, My Dada died in January 2008. And thank you for remembering in your prayers.

    • Can I ask if you grandparents are alive?

      • pinkkay says:

        haha..why so formal?
        my maternal grandma and paternal grandpa are dead..remaining two, well.. remain,Duh! 😛

        (while we are at it, lemme elaborate a bit more..the dead ones were once engaged to each other, and the alive ones TOO! so the party scene is n there 😆

        ps:ignore my creepy result is approaching n i have lost it..completely 😀

      • Formal? Whats formal about that?

        Can you rub off some of the excitement on me? I ve gone all docile these past few days. Dont feel like doing anything.

        Ah the dull days… I knew you were around the corner, shit!

  3. Leena S says:

    Inna lillah wa innailayhi rajioun
    we met after his death, u didnt even mention!

  4. pinkkay says:

    aik addad obituary aap ki bhi post kar dun?

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