Phone: +65-9737-6333


  • Currently pursuing M.Eng at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • B.E from National University of Sciences & Technology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


  • Computer Engineering:
    1. FreeBSD based RGMII driver development for Multi-core MIPS64 variant.
    2. Application level Network Analysis software for multi-point wireless network for delay/latency calculations and optimizations.
    3. Algorithmic design and implementation of a vehicle license plate recognition system.
    4. Tangible Intuitive Interfaces for Visualization of multi-dimensional data-sets.
      • Sub-project: Orientation and positioning algorithm design for human user, and gesture capturization through the use of custom designed Gyro-free IMU (Inertial measurement unit).
      • Sub-project: Use cases based 3D visualization software.
  • Electronics:
    1. Three axis servo system control
      1. Joystick and other user interface design.
      2. Video Acquisition Software.
      3. Synchro-to-Digital Converter design using cheap microcontrollers.
    1. Brushless DC motor tester.
    2. Unit tester for Distributed processing control system.


Dr Goh Wooi Boon

Dr Berhnard Schmidt (Doing TA work for MAS110 Introduction to Scientific Programming)


5 Responses to Resume’

  1. Why thank you ma’am! Though it is nt so cool once you get to know it better.

  2. ma’am? Im not that old.

  3. Leena S. says:

    dun worry humaira, he gives a lil respect intially 😛

  4. @Leens: Lil respect??? I had really forgotten what being back stabbed felt like!!! Hehehe!

    No I guess I m a male chauvinist, so I give ‘ladies’ a lot of respect!

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