Skittles and Me

I m pretty baffled by the size and scale of my project… And the quantity of expectations that my supervisor has of me and thus the proportional work required of me. He probably think I m some unsung under dog wiz kid outta Karachi who is just about to spread his glorious wings and stun the world. In the words of the Great Danny Crane, He wants me to pull a rabbit outta my hat (or ass, cuz I dont really have a hat).

I was lately studying Multi touch screens, I did a post somewhere here. Dont expect me to make it any easy for you and hyperlink that link here, GET IT YOURSELF!!!!. Now I m working on incorporating Gyroscopes and Accelerometers to give a more engrossing feel to the user carrying this remote unit which would be used in the project. Which is supposed to be somewhat familiar territory

Now previously, before the advent of the acclaimed iPhone, accelerometers (and Gyros) were some obscure sensors which only military used. Hell no body probably did nt even know their name and what they were used for.

So Currently I m making a design and a scheme which is used to to give a relative position (from the previous position) of a remote unit which you can currently think of as a 3-dimensional mouse. The idea I have right now is the combined effort (brain storming) of me with a german dude name Micheal Leigsnering (sorry dude if I mispelled your name). Since the idea is nt mature yet, I ll just keep it to myself and work on it, so that I dont give you guys any reason to call me nerd or geek or stupid.

So why am I writing this post??? Cuz I m on an overdose of sugar (read skittles) and my brain is on overdrive. I m at my lab sitting by my workstation with a bag of skittles. I have a habit of keeping a bag of skittles on me while I m working and write down some of my thoughts and ideas so that I can keep them in perspective and make references. So this post is kinda my reference point at the moment.


46 Responses to Skittles and Me

  1. SAWJ says:

    Stop eating so many sweets, sweetoo!

  2. safiullahhussaini says:

    Shut up, you are not my mom!!!

  3. Pinky says:

    WOW..multi touch screens…i remember touching one such thing in British was sooo cool, turning the pages of that scripture..
    InshAllah u will end up astounding both ur supervisor & urself…in a positive way of course

  4. safiullahhussaini says:

    Yaar Allah Ta’aalaa tumhara muu meetha karen!!! I really hope so, but the task is really big and a lot can go wrong! Especially when you play with hardware things gow rong more often than not. Although this is somewhat comfortable territory, but it a difficult none the less, and I know how difficult it can get, especially when all the load it on one persons shoulder. I did my FYP all alone and it can get really frustrating with the expectations of your sup riding in the balance.

    Anyway in my FYP, I saw that everyone else had a partner and I did nt and it was so much more easier for them, I even had to do tha grunt work myself. But I m not complaining, my sup was nice and he help me through it and he actually was impressed so much so that I actually became friends with him and even now after graduation we always met not as teacher students but as peers.

    But that was Pakistan and Bachelors at that, this is Masters and my PhD hangs in the balance here. I wont be offered one if I dont impress the guy.

  5. Pinky says:

    hmm ye tu hai…khair, whenever i encounter a difficult situation n feel all alone, i resort to a dua-exchange technique…i dont remember the name of those two sahabeez who were going for a ghazwa, one wanted to come out victorious the other wanted martyrdom, both of them prayed for each other & their prayers were answered..i love this way, apnay liye tu sub he dua kartay hain,,dosron k liye karnay ki kia he baat hai….so i will pray for u & u pray for me.things might jut work out the way we want…done?

  6. safiullahhussaini says:

    Sure Lady!!!

    By the way, are you done with the exams? When they end?

  7. Pinky says:

    kahan!! monday ko last hai…

  8. safiullahhussaini says:

    Yaar you MBA guy have it so easy… I kinda hate BBA MBA crowd!!! Well there is no kinda about it!
    I HATE BBA MBA crowd!!! Dumbasses dont even have any skills!

  9. Pinky says:

    yeah well thats not entirely exaggeration…as compared to u guys,of course,its easy peasy lemon squeezy…but atleast dont downplay our finance, accounting err skills…income statements, balance sheets, T-accounts, forecasting, budgeting, cost allocation (ah those infernal overheads) etc etc..ab itnay bhi loser nahin hain hum

  10. safiullahhussaini says:

    Haha…. I took a course for finance and accounting and I scored quite well, and I did nt study one bit. When it comes to logic and math, engineers and scientists are lords. What we cant do is rattafication.

    And I can actually teach(and have taught these topics) to people. And I m a pretty dumb person and an idiot at that.

  11. Pinky says:

    ok if u are hell-bent on declaring us dumb, waste of space then i m not gonna argue n increase ur number of comments πŸ˜‰

  12. safiullahhussaini says:

    Awww, I did nt really mean to hurt your feelings!

    Hey you guys have place in the world too!

  13. Pinky says:

    achha ??? boht ehsaan hai aap ka aap ne bata diya…main pichlay 2 saal se go magoon ki kaifiyat main thi πŸ˜€

  14. safiullahhussaini says:

    Yaar my intentions were not trying to sound condescending at all. I m sorry for it

  15. Pinky says:

    oh come on..i dint argue only because i had NO ammo πŸ˜‰ .u are right,..i often feel that way too

  16. safiullahhussaini says:

    So where are what bachelors did you do?

  17. Pinky says:

    ??? i think i mentioned simple BA….there was a chance of my father’s posting to Gilgit, so i opted for this less than fancy degree,sth which i could handle without going to college….MBA was never my first preference, LLB was…coz my father did that before CSS…but amma objected, i thought what the heck,lets go for CSS straight after bachelors…but no, that idiot age restriction…i was 20 n the minimum age requirement is 21…back to square one.. 2 of my friends were going to Bahria n they dragged me with them…end of story

  18. safiullahhussaini says:

    So you are still planning to give your CSS and be a Civil Servant?

  19. Pinky says:

    yeahh InshAllah…its my dream to serve my people as they were never served before..i have that caring nature…AND i have also inherited this fiery attitude frm my dad to look the briber in his eyes n tell him to get lost…plus i dont want to die of natural causes,,how boring..i want to be martyred on duty…..(now as per deal, u are bound to pray for this)

  20. safiullahhussaini says:

    Deal is a deal, I have nt backed out on one yet, so I will, but you are on the low side of this deal, I always had this elabourate plan for dying and after dying. I m not in the mood (this headache is killing me!) so I ll tell you some other time.

    Lady you are off to be a civil servant not a guerrilla fighter. I doubt you ll see any action there. They dont give women any field jobs in the police either. So good luck with that.

    But then if you are really looking for some action, you should start looking for something more fulfilling, like the UNO or the Red crescent and go to Gaza, Somalia or some such place. I applied for the UNO once but they did nt answer.

  21. Pinky says:

    i never said i will join police…i have DMG in mind…& i am an insider, trust me its just as thrilling as a guerrilla fight…loads of threats, lot of pressure, tons of temptation n in the end the complete satisfaction of choosing the right path…
    n i forgot to mention another motive, my father’s batchmate’s son has recently joined police as an ASP…n all these friends were over the moon abt it…..its kind of tribute to one’s father…none of my siblings is interested so i thought i would make my father as proud of me as i am of him….
    anyway, dont waste ur time chatting wth me…it would worsen ur headache….waisay, really do sth abt it…get ur eyesight rechecked, maybe the number has changed…persistent headaches is not a good sign 😦

  22. safiullahhussaini says:

    Yaar, My friends Dad was DIG in the Anti Narcotics Forces. And his life was not so action packed… We dont have such elaborate setups to actually do those kinda things in Pakistan.

    If you really want action, get a private job and do some adventure stuff on your off time!

  23. Pinky says:

    oh lord of logic!!! spare my head…i only said i want to be martyred…u dont need action-packed profession for that!!!…just excel in ur service, the enemies of this country will get u sooner or later..remember hakim saeed?? and Managing Director PSO Shaukat Raza mirza??? great Pakistanis n now dead pakistanis…..

  24. safiullahhussaini says:

    Hahaha Yes humaari qaum ka alumia!!!


  25. Pinky says:

    err juhra?? jhagra? itni masoom loving, caring bachi hun..woh tu kabhi kabhi shugal lagati hun πŸ˜‰
    n what is KW??

  26. safiullahhussaini says:

    The Nick of the person who’s blog it is! You ll understand when you get there!

  27. Pinky says:

    hahaha u are recruiting a hitman, eh? (err hitwoman to b exact)
    dont worry, his case is already pending, would give him a dose of his own medicine very soon…

  28. safiullahhussaini says:

    No lady, I m not hiring a hitwoman, I m motivating a heart warming and mind changing speaker, or writer!

  29. Pinky says:

    well then i am not sure u are looking in the right place…but i will give it my best shot…

  30. safiullahhussaini says:

    Haha, you kidding me?! A chick aspiring to be a cop, and a lawyer! There is no better place!

  31. Pinky says:

    LOL since when being(or intending to be) a cop or a lawyer means that u are a “heart warming and mind changing speaker”….
    err what did u said abt engineers earlier??? ah lords of logic and maths…..dude, maths tak theek hai, logic beech main se nikal bahar karo πŸ˜›

  32. safiullahhussaini says:

    Lady lawyers are the most articulate people, and the Cops are most imposing people. I think this is good logically conclusion that a person affiliated with both would carry both qualities!

  33. safiullahhussaini says:

    logically sound*

  34. Pinky says:

    i have posted an impersonal sort of comment for him on KW blog…but like i said, it isnt that heart warming n mind changing……more of mind warming n heart changing type πŸ˜‰

  35. safiullahhussaini says:

    That is nt bad either!

  36. Pinky says:

    n get well soon buddy…ignore the attention-seeking fever, call ur friends one by one…(infact call just one of them n tell him to ask others to call u, (money saving scheme))….its fun talking n laughing in fever…the fever will feel all depressed after being ignored this way n will leave u alone πŸ˜› (great personification,eh? )

  37. karachiwali says:

    oh am so sorry dude for not coming to ur blog for a few days and dude, why do u have to eat skittles so much!
    It always feels so good to read about ur project…and i am a famous woman on your blog πŸ˜›

  38. Pinky says:

    yup some friends are really concerned abt ur peace of mind

  39. safiullahhussaini says:

    Why the heck would you like me to talk about my project?!!!! Are to going to steal it????!!!!!
    Just kidding!

    Anyway, you are famous, because Your blog is pretty entertaining

  40. karachiwali says:

    yea, i can definitely steal a few ideas πŸ˜› you know how crazy i am!!
    waise on a serious note, it feels good cuz it makes me feel that i do know some people are actually working on things that are worth working on πŸ™‚

    @ Pinky
    yea i am lucky..aint it! πŸ™‚

  41. safiullahhussaini says:

    Hey I really have no qualms about you or anybody stealing my idea and making it work, I m a big supporter of open source and discussing ideas with each other, as long as you remember me in your acknowledgments! Hehe.

    Infact my only problem here is that people keep to themselves ad I on the other hand need intelligent people around me to bounce of some of my stupid ideas, and they actually do the thinking and put some good idea on the table which I can use (and take credit for). I m really a very stupid guy, dont know anything about anything. I kinda leech onto other people’s ideas!

  42. safiullahhussaini says:

    Actually I m currently on procurement and prototyping stage, so I ll be entering the experimentation stage soon, I ll do a post and present my idea very very soon in a post here.

  43. karachiwali says:

    a word of advice: dont put your ‘idea’ over here. keep it as vague as possible even if you talk about it here. people would actually use your idea and wont acknowledge you. Secondly, the seemingly craziest ideas are usually also the best

  44. karachiwali says:

    and that reminds me, i should be working on my project πŸ˜› ill send you my work once i have done something worth showing off πŸ˜‰

  45. safiullahhussaini says:

    Ah haan… Lady I dont intend to… I know how bad people can be! I m the most untrustoing person!

    Yes you can send me your project (although I have no idea why would you trust me with it! Hey its your choice. Hehe)…

    And finally, I would suggest you start applying AI to some other fields like Embedded Imaging, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Machine Vision, (those are only the Image oriented fields!), the configurable computing, These fields have a LOT for research potential.

  46. safiullahhussaini says:

    Plus with your expertise you can do some real contribution!

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