Life after death

Ladies and dicks! I am happy to report that there really is life after death…. Uhhh ok, after marriage anyway…. or maybe not, by the looks of this blog. There! I just shot down all the reasons for me to write a post! I need to stop doing that!

Khair, Finally done with my thesis, which was why I was not able to post anything. Ok, thats not true either…. The real reason is I live in the pre-historic age…. the pre-Internet age anyway. I dont have any internet at home, and posting from the labs is, well just boring. And frankly, the blogsphere has gone cold.

This weekend we went to a place called Palau ubin. Its an Island a couple of of miles out to sea northeast of the main Singapore island. The trip was exhausting but utter fun. I ll post photos the next chance I get.


7 Responses to Life after death

  1. pinkkay says:

    safi,you are so dud…all the female bloggers give such eloquent account of their after marriage life, the transition and everything, but you…at least give us a whiny post about girly things which irritate you 😉

  2. says:

    The blogosphere has been very very cold…and eerie.

  3. Leena S. says:

    where are the pictures!!!???

  4. sara says:

    life after death…. Uhhh ok, after marriage anyway

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